Top builds?

Just wondering on people’s opinion’s on 2 types of builds. First, what are some of the top damage builds. And not sheet DPS on the char pages. How much damage the build can actually deal. And for the second, what are some of the more unusual or unorthodox builds that can be made? I’m already in the process of leveling a pure retaliation build but what are some other non-meta builds?

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Well if you care purely only about damage, to my knowledge Albrecht’s Aether Ray builds are bested by none. Cadence Blademasters have had a recent surge lately, several of them with high cunning investments soloing Gladiator Crucible. Aforementioned Blademasters also have decent survivability tools, and Cadence Witchblades are the masters of tanking while annihilating all in their path. There’s also jaja’s Saboteur. I haven’t seen too much on it, but apparently it still destroys everything.

Keep in mind though that all of the above builds are fairly gear-intensive. Petmasters have low gear requirements and can do all game content without any trouble.

I’ve played a lot of builds on this forum and on the Chinese forums. The highest damage build I have ever played is ABCbarbecue’s pet build. Jajaja saboteur is also high dmg and comes in second for me. Cadence witchblades deal decent dmg but excel at being really sturdy. However, I don’t have the full warborn set to try with this build, it may do more dmg.

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Probably shouldn’t have labeled the thread Top builds but it was all i could think of. I’m more interested in unusual, unorthodox and unconventional builds. I’m already gonna try the Retaliation and pure Demo builds so don’t need to link those.

if you like unusual, unorthodox and unconventional builds, check out my stream sometime (i have a variety of unusual, unorthodox and unconventional builds :stuck_out_tongue: )


Sounds interesting but i should probably lay off trying more builds for a while. I’m already in the middle of leveling and eventually needing to gear 7 different builds. My first char took almost 50 hours before I finished Ultimate difficulty lol. So I’m looking at least 350 more hours just to level all 7 to 85 alone :stuck_out_tongue: