Toxic Effigy farming

It took me 3 clears of Burrwich Outskirts, moldering fields and mud row in the relevant areas to get a single one.

3 sessions

3 damn sessions.

I only found witch doctors, and I gained 2 levels from 15 to 17. No sign of the supposed snake clan venomancer with much higher drop rate.

Witch doctor has 4.48% combined, Venomancer has 21.42%

Anyone else experienced the lack of venomancers? Is there a better farm? (No heroes/bosses listed as effigy droppers) Could it use a droprate boost?

Iirc (been awhile), you can just redo the WP->down the road short stretch (towards umm…East Marsh?).

There is always a pack of Grobbles there. Kill then redo. It’s a lot of quick restarts (which you may not like). If you like doing East Marsh stuff (Sentinel), it’s on the way. There is also some other stuff that takes you by that section, on the way.

You mean start at the burrwitch outskirts wp, go down towards the angrim/cultist (depraved sanctuary) area? Cause the burrwitch village WP has mostly aetherials.

edit: I’d like to reiterate. There are between 1 and 2 witch doctors, zero venomancers, at level 15-17, per enemy group. That’s beyond awful droprate for targeted green MI farming that

Yes, that’s the direction. There is not much in the way. The pack is[was] not far beyond the next road intersection.

Yes, this is not too good, I agree. Low level woes.

hardly, I was overkilling everything ten times over and one-shotting heroes.

If you check the toxic effigy grimtools, you’ll see there are no heroes for any version, and the higher-droprate “champions” (yellow trash) outright don’t spawn even though I meet the level requirements for them.

edit: I was able to spawn my first venomancer, so I was probably a little unlucky. Still, these guys don’t even spawn in every group. Farming this MI is an absolute pain.