TQ/IT to Ragnarok or not to Ragnarok?

GoG has been having a big sale this week, so I finally picked up TQ/IT as it was only $3.99. Now I am wondering if I should throw another $9.99 (not a trivial sum to me) at the devs since Ragnarok has had at best, mixed reviews. Lots of empty space, repetitious encounters and a plethora of bugs are all things I have read about the new expansion.

I am asking those who have purchased the new expansion for their opinions. Right now I am thinking I would mainly be buying it for the new Runemaster class (which I have also read is OP, so even that might not be a good idea?)

ok let me give you my biased opinion but for someone who have played the ragnarok for one or two runs.

I would say and if you cared and if you love the details and attention poured into TQIT, I would say the ragnarok expansion is not that good and falls short, pales in comparison one would say

The entire playthorough was playable dont recall any serious bugs. The voice acting is cringy. Boss battles are easy at best. And enemies are rehashed a lot and look the same. And the areas are like made by a low paid developer. Feels like a mod to me.

Hey hey other people like the expansion and I respect them. It fun, its big and the new mastery seems cool i just dont like how its color used is pink if i remember? . Pink? come on you cant be more lovely than that. :eek:

positive points:

Music is good, you will play it for like 10 or more hours for one difficulty. IF you like norse mythology you may like it. And if you like Thor and Loki from avengers you may like it or end up hating it . Thats all :eek:

Firstly do you mean TQ/IT as a combo or are you talking about the Anniversary Edition of the game? Because I’m not sure Ragnarok would go onto TQ/IT.

That said, I’ve run it a couple of times. It’s okay, can’t really say much more than that as I haven’t played it that much. Some voice acting is cringeworthy, some quests I haven’t managed to complete (cauldron and one or two others) despite clearing everything. Haven’t been through it for a while so recent changelogs might have fixed stuff.

It’s a bit empty at times and can also be annoying as they seem to have taken lessons from Crate with a few areas similar to the Blood Grove in that you have to quarter back and forth to cover everything.

Again haven’t played with Runemaster much so not maxed any skills in it, but I can’t say I like it very much so far.

If the money is a big deal for you I’d say give it a pass atm. See if Nordic do anything more to fix bugs and then maybe consider it again.

And count yourself lucky - I’ve read that the console versions of the base game are even worse.

I just need to say that Infinity Wars was effin amazing. Probably one of the best movies made in a long time. And not just “Marvel” movies. I can’t even tell you how happy that movie made me and I was not even expecting that much awesomeness. That is all.

Oh crap. It is the 30th anniversary edition. Does that mean it does not come with Immortal Throne? If so I am pissed off. That expansion was awesome and I really liked the Dream mastery. Looks like GoG only offers refunds if the game won’t run on your machine. So now I ask does anyone have any tips on how I can sabotage the game (running Windows 10) and get a refund?

The anniversary edition includes IT. Says so right there on the GOG store page :wink:

30th! Oh gosh, I don’t think Grava, Medierra, Kinree and Westfaliah are that old! :smiley: It’s a 10th anniversary edition and it’s okay it includes Immortal Throne too. Nordic made it into one game.

I’ve played AE with Ragnarok for about 200 hours and really enjoyed it. Can’t say much about pros and cons though, if you like TQ and nordic stuff, you’ll probably like it.

Whoops, got TQ confused with Tunnels & Trolls (table top) for a minute there, to which I have also recently returned. These things go in cycles with me. Can you tell I didn’t get enough sleep last night?:smiley:

Thanks everyone for your replies!