Trader1 options change several times a second - Build 9398573 (Beta)

First of all, yes I’ve read FAQ. Creating a new topic wasn’t allowed in the beta forum (grayed out UI button) so, posting here instead:

Description: Title, but more detailed:

  • around 4 times a second trader1, who worked fine before during this arrival, had his inventory (what he can sell & buy) start flipping order and, seemingly, items to trade, several times a second. See attached savefile (“Trader1BugIdi66.sav”).
    SaveFile (Zip, max compression, still too big for forum…):
    85.95 MB file on MEGA

Note, this only affected trader1, trader2 is also in trade house, and he works as intended. Trader1 worked well before. Don’t know what triggered the misbehaviour, but think I was buying and selling and transferring goods as the bug happened. Perhaps game saved at the same time? Can’t recall.

Can confirm this happening.

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I can confirm this is happening to me too.


Yes, this has been noted I believe. If you are talking about the same as these two threads. One has a video too.

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Thank you for noticing!

Yup, just saw the video: it’s the same behaviour. Interesting is that it only affects one of the two traders, however.

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Even when 4 in, only the one trader is glitching, never had it wit two.

Also, sometimes it stops after a buy or sell in the glitch list.

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Does it happen to you every time that trader is there?

It has only happened to me twice.

Selling or buying didn’t solve it for me. Tried that.

Interesting, mine both started with a sale. Now I am really curious about this glitch lol

No, very random. Seems to do with the lines build-up UI glitching, like the table sorting is updating itself constantly.

This is the first noticeable bug I’ve run into after 8 hours of gameplay. So nope, never noticed it before. Very stable game overall to be early release for me, so kudos to the devs for that.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to reproduce it on command.

They have been doing a great job getting things ironed out. Looking forward to 0.7.6

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