Traders move way too slow

what is the point of making all this gold if the traders are too slow to move goods? they never have the post stocked for next seasons trading. this bush league! My money keeps stacking and stacking and I can never buy all the spices I want because these traders are literally retarded!

Maybe don’t wait until traders arrive to move stuff. I usually set all my trade items/gold up in the latet autumn, ready for when the traders come in the spring.

I don’t know how you became a “super moderator” but your advice always misses the mark by miles. You think you’re smarter than every player and give them the most useless condescending advice. Please shut up and don’t try and help me anymore. The traders haven’t been moving gold for multiple seasons, please work on your reading comprehension.

Then I honestly don’t know what game you’re playing. I’ve never had my trading staff take multiple seasons to move stuff into my trading posts. If you think this is a bug then please report it in the bug reporting section of the forum.

Nor do I think I’m smarter than every player. Plenty of players have as much or more knowledge of the game than me and I’ll admit that. But you do you.

Are they moving anything else beside the gold?

you got to realize that Medea and Zantai both think they know it all, and most of there responses are smart ass and less then professional. Your right they are slow and have no real since of any priority to complete there tasks.

its sad when you make a complaint about game play or game mechanics that they want to act like we need to learn to play the game

Resources are moved in real time. And while traders have those little carts that help them move way more at once than a standard villager, they still need to haul those resources. So if you are putting your gold miles away from the Trading Post, it will take them substantially more time to make the journey than if the gold is stored nearby. I can’t say how far your storage is in this scenario, but if you are having issue transferring gold in a reasonable amount of time, I would suspect that is the problem.

This is how all resources in the game work and is part of managing your town layout.

Medea is a volunteer and has been with our community for a long time. She has been a reliable helper in keeping this community cleaned up for players such as yourself. That said, she is also just a player and is entitled to her own opinions and inputs, just as you.

I’d maybe rethink telling a super moderator to “shut up” though? I don’t see a reality where acting like that ends well on any forum.


I mean, I see a clear example here of someone having a complaint that I suspect is based on their misunderstanding of how resources are managed in the game. Is the solution to change the game mechanics for this person? Or to point out how things work in case they in fact do not know?

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it shouldn’t take 60 days to move 100 shirts come on now

it shouldn’t take 60 days to transfer 100 shirts, come on now that is ridiculous

That would depend where you’ve stored the shirts I suppose. If you’re going to get into the semantics of “time” though, it shouldn’t take a villager a “day” to walk across the street either. The time-scale is obviously an extrapolation of reality, otherwise none of this would make any sense.

as always you don’t have a real answer just another remark to make it seem like its the players fault. Its flawed and you know it. Say what you want fix it or not I don’t really care.

Please enlighten me as to what answer I am withholding from the people so I can save face.

YOUR A SMARTASS through and through

Oh, absolutely! Especially to the other smartasses on the internet.

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Key board tough guy, huh

SHUT UP. what are you guna do make your game even slower and shittier? Go F yourself.