Trading, Composting, and Sand

Love this game, keep up the great work!

  1. The Compost Minigame is almost intolerable late game. Constantly emptying the Compost Heaps and choosing the fields is just a major detractor from the fun. Maybe implement automatic emptying similar the Forage feature on Barns where you pick an area to dump to.

  2. Want a button to interface with the Trading Center without having to jump from the place I am on the map and not only when there is a Trader present. I’m off building Sand Mines and working on an Ore Mining Center, and I am constantly having to jump back and forth to the Trading Center in order to Trade and manage inventory.

  3. Trading Center want to be able to set how much gold to keep there, and then have them automatically keep filling it up and vice versa. Keep this much gold, if there’s an overage move it to Town Storage, if under then stock from Town Storage.

  4. Trading Center option to move goods to the center but keep a certain amount in the Town Inventory. Instead of sending 250 Shirts to Trade, I want to be able to send all the extra shirts >250.

  5. Want more goods to be tradeable, I have an abundance of Preserved Vegetables and other goods.

  6. Need more Sand, since it’s the most valuable resource in the game. Minimally, I would like more Sand to be Traded to me at the Trading Center, it is very infrequent, and late game I am tapping all the Sand on the map, and will eventually run the map dry of Sand.


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  1. You don’t have to empty compost yards anymore… but if you do want to spread the love manure then you have to do so manually (in terms of choice of field that is).

  2. That would be nice (Shift+4?)

  3. Was a feature that caused a lot of issues (apparently) so got dropped fairly recently…

  4. Yep, would be nice to be able to have a working reserve and then ship the rest for sale.

  5. A new trader maybe, that semi-specialises in commodities not currently oft traded.

  6. Agreed, but possibly resolved by upcoming additions to trading that have been mentioned: namely the ability to put in a request for products, purchased at premium rates most likely.

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What the Trading Post needs, basically, is Supply and Demand - and it sounds like the proposed additions to trading are finally going to implement at least some of it.

  1. Could be made part of the current Production Max/Min you can set: go over the Max, send it to the Trading Post OR shut down production.

  2. A set of new Traders ideally, that respond to ‘Demands’ for types of supply: one entrepreneur who specializes in supplying minerals, one foodstuffs, one luxury goods, one Drover with live animals (ADD Sheep, he cries!) and one Tuf Voyaging type who will show up with what you specifically requested but at a premium price.

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Tuf Voyaging! Must be about 30 years since I read that… #BlastFromThePast (not to be confused with dinosaur farts)

Nice idea about the excess from production going for trade rather than simply stopping (could even have a 3-factor set-up: 1st is the minimum, 2nd is the send to trade, 3rd is stop).

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