Trading Expectations?

Hey Guys,

Verdict here, new to the end game and am now at the point where I am needing to trade and get some stuff crafted.

Wondering, what is, in general, considered “fair price” for set legendaries? I mean are we talking millions of iron bits or tens of thousands, or both?

Are crafting mats more or less the other currency?

With that being said I am looking for the following items to be crafted:

Leviathan (2H Weapon)
Reforged Chains of Oleron (Belt)
Badge of Mastery (Medal)

Please hit me up here on in steam: user Verdict_MJB

In general, legendaries are traded 1 for 1, except for some high demand legendaries like Ultos set pieces, Deathmarked set.
Also some people trade legendaries for rare crafting mats (blood, heart, brain), usually for 8 like the tyrant’s hold blacksmith. I havent seen people trade items for iron yet.
Concerning your crafting needs, you can usually ask someone who has the recipe to craft it for you while you provide the necessary mats and sometimes a tip (iron or mats).