Trading Post Empty (Icon says "Full") - v0.7.5f

My Trading Post reports “Storage Full,” despite removing all items and Gold from the TP. This still persists after a save and load, as well as a save, quit and restart of the program.

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This is referring to the item storage (similar to the stockyard/storehouse) that is inherent to the Trading Post. This is where the items you purchase and move out of the trading post go as opposed to your regular storage areas.

It is also called the “limbo” storage since the things that are in that database are not identifiable outside of the global resource screen.

The developers are aware of it, and will be doing something about it “soon”

I would normally agree with you (I checked the thread first), but in this case all items successfully transferred to the Global or Barn inventory, and the item details within the TP are correct at a count of “0.” I haven’t had an issue with any other storage location (Stockyard, Storehouse, etc).

Additionally, I transfer items into the TP successfully, back out again, and the Global Inventory updates correctly.

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