Trading Post UI v0.7.5f

Legacy Bug (reported previously by myself & others since 0.7.3):

  • Typing in numeric values in the UI to purchase does not work - value can be reset to 0 or disable the slider or just be “nonresponsive”
  • Recommendation: have logic for the slider that restricts slider based on player gold (first) then merchant stock amount, instead of just the stock amount

Clicking the magnifying glass icon in the notification for a new merchant will successfully open the trade window, etc.

However, closing the trade window will not deselect the trade post/center (it remains highlighted). This creates additional issues:

  • clicking the icon again centers on the trade post/center, but does not open a UI element
  • manually clicking the already selected trade post/center does not open a UI element

Player must deselect the trade post/center manually to “reset” functionality.

When the trade post/center UI window is opened, clicking outside the window does not close the window (which is the behavior for all other windows) - instead the trade window remains open and moves around the screen to fit all opened windows. This is a “bug” because:

  • all other UI windows close when clicking “outside” of them
  • this does not occur if a player manually selects the trade post/center (other windows close)
  • this only occurs when the magnifying glass icon is used to open the trade post/center window

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