Trait, personality and skill system

Right now each single settler is near identical to one another. Regardless of age, the only thing these settlers differs from eachother, is education background. Adding a system that implements traits, skills and personalities that are randomized (but also partially inheritable for the children) would increase variation in the settlement.

Each settler should have different skills that would benefit to their respective professions. With high skill related to construction, allows them to build faster and better. Low skill would do the opposite, often taking longer times and can botch building projects and waste resources.

Settlers can also have traits to differentiate them from others. Some might be strong and athletic, which allows them to build more and carry more with them. Others may be more more resilient to disease with a strong immune system. Others can be dumb or lazy, the latter of which may cause the settler to refuse to do their job, and just wander around.

Same thing goes for combat and survival. Some traits and skills will benefit with combat and allows them to dodge attacks easier, strike better and attack faster.

For settler’s personalities, they can be fond of certain things that would increase their happiness if given the right profession or if they have the right entertainment suited for them. For example: Socialites would be far more happier living in a house with others and visit the tavern more often if one is available. They will have a negative happiness opinion if they live alone, work alone or do not have any entertainment needs available.

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I would honestly dread the thought of having to manage the individual specializations and traits of 1000+ villagers.

That kind of system makes sense when a game is built around small populations, but quickly becomes overwhelming as you get into the hundreds.


Fair. But how about personality or skills such as “this character is good at X profession and bad at Y task” and the ability for us to select which one to work at specific professions?

He just doesn’t want to design it lol
It’s really not hard to manage 100s of people with individual skills if the user has ‘lists’ like in tropico. It just sorts all the villagers by skills or age or whatever categories & you can select them from there & assign them to whatever job is best suited to them.

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Think about different kind of having fun while playing: you managing half-independent citizens. Its challenging, sometimes crazy, and I’m sure you can achieve your (or game) goals anyways.

a lot of pionneer come in the village could be intesresting to get specific trait or attribute ofr job coming from those guys. have a better system in attraction like travelers choose to stop in bars or restaurant and decide to stay to live. could work with traders to make them stay longer (bar+restaurant+hotel or temporary house tiers 2 and hotel tier 3 upgraded from shelter
those pionneer alllow to reduce the consanguineous ratio!!! :wink:

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