Transfer of Goods

Hi All,

I’m still struggling a bit with my storage. I have a stockyard that is overflowing with excess firewood and it’s too far away from some of my houses so the people are not getting firewood as quickly as they need it. What I want to do is move a large amount of firewood up into different areas, such as maybe a stockyard I build closer to that end of town. The struggle I have is, is there any way to have direct control over moving that wood, or is everything storage related indirect, where my workers just mindless drone things over to the closest stockyard?

I know I can turn off storage and turn it on in a new stockyard, but that only controls where newly produced firewood goes, not relocating of my existing stock.


Nope, nothing you can do except turn off firewood in the existing stockyard so the new one gets it instead. Been asked for several times to have more control over the storage system so maybe we’ll get something later.


Thanks. It’s nice to know I’m not missing it then.

You can move the Stockyard closer to the homes and build a new on the old site.

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Remember if you move a full stockyard all your item in the yard move with it, so just move it closer and build a new one