Transfer stash

so im doing ultimate atm with my soldier+nightblade

im thinking about making new char after im max lvl and etc :slight_smile:
But i cant for the love of god find out how to put weapons and armor in it.
It just shows red that i cant put in?
is this the way its intended or am i missing something?

If it has an augment on it you can’t put it in the transfer stash. You can remove the augment first. Also faction gear can’t be put in either.

Or use GDStash.

Items you are trying to put there are probably soulbound which means you can only use them on this character only. Such are items bought from quartermasters that require reputation to get access to. And any augmented items. If you want to continiue using augmented items, just remove the augment

Okay thanks :slight_smile: i will remove the item and put it in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :smiley: