Transmo. Why we have none?

After seeing Ceno’s Wardrobe Project post I really started to wonder, why? Why dont we have transmogrification here? There is so maaaaaany super looking yellow/green “sets” that it blows my mind. And we will never wear it.

I wonder if modding tools will get us transmo. I need it really badly. Today i dropped Jabjaw’s (or whatever is this Nemesis name) MI shoulders and they look gorgeous, but no transmo for me ;(

Time constraints on main release. Not something essential to getting a completed game campaign.

I’d like to see it in an expansion, or even in a patch, really. A patch might be better because then there’s no paywall access to using the system. Then again, that might be a selling point for the expansion.

If you mean reskinning items than yes, this can and surely will be modded :wink:

I could not care less about transmog.

There is already too much focus on this in WoW. Hope the devs will not spend time on this in GD.

Sure, lack of moneyz, other priorities. I get it. I also hope they will add transmog in some patch, expansion or whatever.

@Sencha- I see no problem why it could not be implemented. It’s only an option. And with so many great looking “sets” of white/yellow/green items i really don’t see why not implement it in the future.