Treasure troves - Static location and randomized spawns


I loved the way treasure troves works now with better loot tables which makes it much more rewarding blowing them up to get something out of it.

Noticed that part two of the patch removed the static locations of the chests which was a great change due to the relative easy of obtaining them.
Nonetheless, I believe though that some static spawns locations should be added to the game to make it that much more rewarding and a sense of excitement when clearing out certatain places.

A treasure trove at the last levels of the rogue-like dungeons would in my opinion be great additions and as an additional reward toward completing these dungeons. The treasure trove would be randomized in these levels forcing you to pretty much clear the whole map to make sure you fetch it.

I dont want to be forced to explore the whole level. And I like that treasure troves and nemesises spawns somewhat at random. Not much else that is random in this game.