Tri-elemental Iskandrian/Aegis Mage Hunter - 78% phys dmg converted, 100% WPS, 100% nem disrespect

EDIT: I can’t read for shit apparently. The iskandra amulet proc only works with melee weapons, so we lose out on 22% phys --> elemental conversion. T_T. Now the title reads 78% physical damage converted.

GT link:
YT video as requested by fluff:

My thanks to: Heatwave, Marzuk, Cryoo, Strukto, seriouscomedy, Ampd, Mad_lee, Chthon, Fluff, Pitarodaktill, x1x1x1x2

Having done waaaaaay too many CDR builds, I decided to take a stab at creating something outside my comfort zone.

Capable of facetanking 2x reaper and valdaran, and popping one of 'em within the time frame of deadly aim, this beaut exceeded every single one of my expectations.

I didn’t time my test runs, but I reckon I cleared crucible 170 with 4x buff and banner in about 11-12 minutes or so.

P.S. While I don’t play HC, I do believe that this build IS HC viable if a few minor tweaks were made to increase its HP pool.

Logic of the build
1. Damage conversion
From the aegis set we have: 30% physical --> fire
From IEE: 28% physical --> elemental
From Shard of beronath: 10% physical --> elemental
From seal of the void: 10% physical --> Chaos
Note: It is possible to run seal of resonance if you are lacking in stun/freeze resist for more elemental conversion, however seal of the void offers attack speed and a bitchin’ WPS

From chilling grips of hag-idon’tgiveafuck: 25% pierce to cold conversion
Note: Seriouscomedy suggested using gauntlets of Ignaffat for pierce to fire conversion. I’ve yet to test this out, but it seems mad promising, and is possibly BiS for this build.

2. Offense
Revolves around stacking as much flat elemental damage as we can. We do so from the iskandra set, and by maxing out the IEE line. Steel resolve and arcane empowerment will also be pumped due to the phenomenal damage conversion we have going on.

This flat damage will then be further amplified by the WPS we are using. While not by a large margin, fire is the predominant damage type - and so, bursting rounds will be given the most love out of the 3 WPS offered by the inquisitor class. Stormspread is taken to 7/10 to get that 4th projectile.

Deadly aim and aura of censure will also be pumped for obvious reasons.

Devotion wise, we have hungering void for more attack speed and +40% crit damage, fiend, and elemental storm for RR.

3. Defense
Obviously a healthy DA amount is needed (around 3.2k in my sheet data). However, what makes this build the tank that it is is the sheer amount of flat damage absorption being stacked: Arcane seal, phoenix, and obelisk’s stone form. When the 3 coincide, we are looking at ~800 flat absorption - or the equivalent of a undercapped blastshield with a MUCH better uptime thanks to the 12% CDR packed by the iskandra set items. While it is somewhat rare to have these 3 things up and running simultaneously, I have noticed that I almost always have at least 2 of the 3 up.

Thus, practically speaking, we are almost garaunteed to have 400 - 800 flat damage absorption at any point in time.

It may not sound like much, but when coupled with 22% damage absorption from maiven’s, you can basically ignore all DoT effects.

Furthermore, we boast 2 circuit breakers:
i. Ghoul and prismatic diamond will kick in at around 40% hp
ii. Mark of divinity at 30%.

We also have word of renewal for an on-demand heal, and mirror for a 3 second ‘can’t touch this.’

4. Offense and defense
Works extremely well together. By being able to stand your ground, you deal an incredulous amount of damage. This allows you to shotgun nems without risk per WPS like stun blast.

The combo (or rather, the sequence of events which unfolds as I hold down the LMB) is as follows:
Mirror --> tank, tank, tank --> heal --> tank some more --> Ghoul --> mirror --> repeat

It’s hard to know which combination of enemies you’ll be able to tank safely, thus I would advice any interested players to play this build RISKILY at the start to get a feel for its limitations.

i. All crossroads minus eldritch
ii. Fiend
iii. Ghoul
iv. Quill, crown
v. Eel, lion
vi. Phoenix --> Get out of quill
vii. Viper, panther, watchtower,
viii. Obelisk, Dying God.

I’m toying with the idea of dropping something for soleal’s witchblade to get more fire RR, but am uncertain what to forgo. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

However, as it is, the build does enough damage.

i. PRM + devastation
ii. Or crucy power leveling if you have a friend.

Cheaper item alternatives:

Pants - mythical legwraps of the tranquil mind
Shoes - Stormtitans

Untested item alternatives on my ‘to-test’ list:

Gloves: Gauntlets of ignaffar
Relic: Avenger

Saved for further testing.

Am considering running nex/ortus + direwolf crest on a very similarly built sorcerer.

Well build!

Seems Iskandra become favorite now :smiley:

Btw, is Lifesteal, Damage Blocked, and Damage Absorption good enough for sustain your HP when Hungering Void active?

Are those 7 points in overload (have to admit I did a double take at someone actually using it) really more effective than further boosting WPS or overcapping deadly aim or maxing out mirror?

@Tz tz - yes. Lifesteal and word of renewal is more than enough to keep HP up!

Are those 7 points in overload (have to admit I did a double take at someone actually using it) really more effective than further boosting WPS or overcapping deadly aim or maxing out mirror?

I really don’t know! The builds I’ve been posting are far from polished, albeit structurally sound (insofar as I can tell at least).

With my exams coming around soon, I use GDstash to make these toons as I really enjoy the theorycrafting process more so than the gameplay itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, to finally answer your question - I would have to do more testing. I initially put more points into overload as I assumed I’d be kiting more. The DoT from overload would then have theoratically paid off by being a consistent source of damage as I kited. Especially given the fact that DoT’s are also amplified by WPS.

However, given the defense of this toon, I do agree that perhaps the WPS line would be a better usage of my skill points.

Thanks again eisprinzessin! You’re my like my guide-posting fairy god mother.

Always great to have like-minded people going out to the fringes and testing out more exotic build possibilities. Grimtools + GDStash is really the way to play.

Can’t say I know much else about this particular build, how does this Aegis build compare to some of the other Aegis set builds like the one Superfluff has?

I’ve never played fluff’s purifier before, so I can’t comment with 100% certainty.


Pros of fluff’s build:
Firestrike line = more flat FIRE damage - huge for this build
Justice set = armor, DA, Hp

Cons of fluff’s build:
Extremely skill point hungry because of FS.
Un-pumped arcane empowerment and WPS
Lack of defense from mastery (i.e. blastshield)
Possibly low OA - not to sure about this. 170 OA from FT vs 12% OA from inner focus
?mana hungry?

Pros of magehunter:
CDR & nicely overcapped resists from iskandra set - CDR is crucial in keeping phoenix/stone form up as much as possible. Also helps a lot with hungering void.
Maiven’s + Mirror
Energy leech from IEE
Not skill point hungry
Better elemental support for other WPS
Better physical --> elemental conversion

Worser support for the 2 hardest hitting WPS - bursting rounds, and stun blast
Beronath’s fury << Firestrike
No attack speed (i.e. Demos have vindictive flame)

So, from my limited perspective, purifier = DPS due to attack speed and firestrike.
And the magehunter = defense due to mirror and maiven’s.

Yeah, Overload is near useless for almost any build. I recommend upping Chilling rounds to 8 points, Maxing Bursting Round, and the rest wherever you like. Also, Elemental Balance Rings are probably better proc-wise because weapon damage.

I did consider them rings, but I felt like I desperately needed OA from ice and fire. Was very surprised to see my OA barely breaking 3k even with deadly aim up.

Try this one:

Changed Devotions a bit for better OA and changed rings to EB rings. I mean, I think Phoenix sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

REALLY? I think phoenix is amazing. It’s basically a mobile arcane seal with half the flat damage absorption, and with more damage.

P.S. am considering using chains of olerons in place of living armor for the chest piece. Can anyone advice if the loss of 8% armor absorption is worth the boost in OA + trap resist?

Another option is to put one point in Rune of Hagarrad and 6 points in Biting cold to get 250DA reduction for higher crit chance.

Nice, didn’t think shard would pull it off. Would be cool to see a small video of this. Nice choice on FD. Could be better than empyr, at least in campaign, but with new blessings, maybe in cruci too. But i can’t test this guy atm, too much

BtW i don’t think there are much cons to purifier either as per 0.6, esp in crucible:p Esp since balance rings can be worn without a sweat. Imo you should war them too. The damage boost is uuge. I use them on 2h version in crucible as well now. WpS are same lvl as yours :P,

What a beauty :nice: .
I suppose blue ringset would make it even better. The proc on this ring is sick and 64 flat dmg is oupie. Aslo you can drop overload to onepointer and put 3 points in haggard for DA shred, then drop rest points intro Conversion for slow resist. You need to find that damn resist somewhere.

Changed Devotions a bit for better OA and changed rings to EB rings. I mean, I think Phoenix sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

In this build phoenix work extremely good in this setup.

Well true, still hate it though.

Thanks for the advice guys! What IS FD anyhow?

Mage guard pantsu look so tasty. probably something like this.

Would you use that over legwraps of the tranquil mind?

P.S. Video uploaded. GT link with skill/item suggestions uploaded too.

Would you use that over legwraps of the tranquil mind?

Hm, 5%phyz res and +2 to both Seal and empowerment vs 3%+120 OA and Slow resistance.
Tranquil mind look tastier. =) Good choise.
BTW you can craft these rings with %Armor bonuses and push total armor to 2500+. Good stuff.