Trio of lucky AAR-related drops - how to best use?

Hey all,

On my AAR spellbinder, I’ve been using the Pulsing Shard as an offhand ever since I could first use it in Normal, replacing with new iterations regularly when better ones dropped to alts etc.

My understanding was that for most AAR builds, a well-specced Pulsing Shard was essentially BiS due to the ADCtH being the key survival/healing mechanism for AAR builds.

However, I got quite lucky recently - I heard that the Conduit of Arcane Whispers had some good options and I got an AAR variant on the 3rd try, as well as landing Mythical Codex of Lies (as well as Decree of Aldritch but that doesn’t really impact on which offhand to use etc). The skill disruption resist and proc debuff on Codex seems super powerful but would require me to deep-six my precious Pulsing Shard to use.

If I understand this right, AAR Conduit adds weapon damage to AAR and therefore can trigger ‘normal’ ADCtH from various sources rather unlike the skill-tied one on the Pulsing Shard.

But if I also understand the maths, the 16% Weapon Damage means ADCtH from normal sources only applies at 16% of the normal rate… so to get the same effect as the 6% on the Pulsing Shard, I’d need (6%/0.16)= 38% sheet ADCtH - seems pretty difficult to achieve with a non-vitality build?

So at the moment, I still can’t see a way to wean myself off my Shard addiction, even though the items I’ve got seem pretty powerful and regularly name-dropped as possible BiS online.

Any advice how I can make use of them? Any thoughts or guidance much appreciated.

GT link :

Try one of these.

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Thanks Duchy. I have no idea how I missed that. Recent too!

Your first option has made me rethink how I want to move forward if I stick with the Decree plus Shard setup. So thanks.

Would still like to see if it’s viable to do a build with Codex instead of Shard. It just looks so juicy sitting there in my stash :frowning:

I use all of them. Haunt and Corruption proc devos very good and Ill Omen has damage reduction. You don’t need damage reduction from Ill omen on trash mobs. So you don’t have to use it there.