Truly random

That I should just decide to pop in and see where things are at over here.

Haven’t played the game in a while. Maybe that’s an understatement…

Haven’t been around here in a long time either. Figured I would say something but since I have nothing relevant at all to speak of I thought this was the only appropriate place :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow it’s great to see the community is still very active these days. Sure wish I was able to join in on all the fun like old times. Life sure has gotten busy for me feels overwhelming some days but everything is going pretty well just crazy insane busy.

Decided to start making games of my own. I gotta say it has been pretty challenging at times. I have a couple years on this now and at this point I am fairly confident in my ability to make about anything I want. My background prior to this was in art and animation. I didn’t think I would like the code end of this at all but it turns out I actually like it a whole lot. The problem now is that I would rather spend all day fiddling around in the code making things do cool stuff and I dread going over into photoshop or some other tool to make art assets. I always imagined things would be the other way around it’s strange.

I came to the realization a while ago that I can’t handle both of these things on my own. It’s just to big for one person to do realistically. SO I am on a quest to find a competent artist that wants to make games and can stick it out till the project gets done. Wish me luck on that one. When I do find the right person though things are going to get real interesting real fast :smiley: Really looking forward to that. Till then I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and build out whatever useful things I can. I am in no rush right now.

So how is everyone else doing? Any of you old head grim dawn guys been up to anything interesting in the last couple years?