How to win back someone’s trust when you’ve really messed up lol

Accept the fact that you can’t win back their trust.

Then, apologize for breaking the trust, and say it won’t happen again.

Then, do what you can whenever possible to do things to restore that person’s trust in you.

Rinse and repeat the previous action.

Though that last “lol”, leaves me wondering if you really want to win back that person’s trust. Something to think about.

Not by asking on some gaming forum that’s for sure

By beating Gladiator Crucible in 5 minutes while he/she is watching.

The way the question is asked makes me doubt you’re serious. Anyway, the only way is to prove that you actually understood what you did and how it hurts the other person. And a lot of time.

Also this.

Depending on who’s trust you’ve broken and how it was broken, it may be irreparable.

Let them play Russian roulette on you

I like ibugsy answer. And maybe add ice cream?

Trust can be regained somewhat however it will never be the same as it was before it was broken.