Trying to emulate Ulzuin's Chosen...

…with little success.

FYI, Ulzuin’s Chosen is a skill modifier that applies to three separate skills but requires skillpoint investment into one skill alone. The way this is accomplished is by listing the skill three times in a skill tree, behind each of the skills it modifies, as is typical of a modifier.

In trying to perform the same task (with two skills), I’ve found that I cannot correctly make this work. Originally I tried to apply a ‘skillsecondary_chainlighting’ skill to two different skills, and found that that could not work. Since then, I’ve taken to applying a modifier to two skills and autocasting the chain lightning 100% on attack from that modifier. However, that, too, does not work; only one of the two skills correctly autocasts the chain lightning.

Does anyone have any experience with making a modifier apply to two (or more) skills, as in the case of Ulzuin’s Chosen?

Here’s what my skill tree looks like:

Specifically, ‘riftblade.dbr’ correctly works with the ‘lightning.dbr’ modifier, but ‘newwarp.dbr’ does not. I have tried rearranging the modifiers for ‘newwarp’ as they appear in the tree, to no avail.

As usual, any help in getting this to work would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Bump `cause I still have no clue how to make these skills work and it’s cutting into Zenith dev time…

I’m just guessing here, but could it perhaps be because the “newwarp.dbr” skill doesn’t support autocast skills?

perhaps try changing the skills type to another one and see if that works, atleast that would indicate that it is because of the type of skill that newwarp is?

It’s already autocasting something via thunder.dbr, its other modifier. :wink:

Appreciate the attempt, though.

Current working theory (not from me) is that an autocast skill can physically only be triggered by one skill at once. Something along the lines of an engine thing. Still unsure, of course, but this bug has infuriated me enough to keep me from testing much when it comes to modding.

That actually sounds quite plausible… which kinda sucks. there goes a few of my own ideas as well if that’s true… :frowning: