Trying to Play old Char on

I haven’t played GD since 2017 I think. I have a Toon that is about Lvl 85 or so and I tried to copy the save file which worked after a couple of tries (disabling steam cloud save etc., save files now in one drive>…>grim dawn>save>main). The big problem I have is that when I load the game all extra stashes in my chest are gone and I have kept a ton of items there! Now i have to buy the extra stashes and of course they are empty. How do i fix this?

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First, remove the game from OneDrive, it’s known to have problems if you use that. Make sure you moved them correctly from Steam into local saves.

Then turn off cloud saving in both Steam settings and the ingame options menu.

Also update your game to v1.1.6.2 which is the latest version of the game.

Thank You very much for your reply and your help!

Unfortunately it didn’t work out as it should. I am not sure where I didn’t understand what to do.
I had no Grim Dawn folder in C:\Users\username\Documents\my games\Grim Dawn\save\main.
My saves where stored in a different folder I created years ago to make sure I could keep my old save games.
So I deleted C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\folder of numbers\219990\remote\save\main
and the save folder in one drive (and deinstalled one drive afterwards), disabled steam cloud save both ingame and in steam (cloud synchronization?) and I copied my old savegames to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\save\main
and I created this Grim Dawn folder
C:\Users\freiz\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save
because it didnt exist before and also copied the old saves there (I understood this would be the default saves folder?).
I disabled cloud save and started the game but the game did not recognize my saves - i have 0 characters :frowning:
What have I done wrong?

EDIT: I created a char to see where it would be created. It was the one drive folder (though i deleted on drive O.o )
I copied all my saves to the Grim Dawn folder in one drive … and it worked. All chars are visible and the shared stash is back!

Why are you putting your save files into Steam when you’ve turned Steam cloud off? The only folder you need is the one in My Documents. These are the only folders you should have in that Steam location

If the save went into OneDrive then you didn’t uninstall it. Can’t save into something that doesn’t exist.