Trying to put together an Apostate Aether Drain Essence around Screaming Veil - suggestions welcome

Grimtools: Current proposed Apostate DE

Idea is to:

  • Use %wpn conduit with the insane Aether 2H of Screaming Veil

  • Keep first node of DE minimized to keep energy under control @~200% cast speed energy is around 140 *2 * .9 = 252/s Currently works out to just over a minute of uninterrupted spam.

  • I don’t have the particular conduit or medal yet, so need to keep them bare to see what rolls up.

But… it looks a bit fragile. So maybe I’m not approaching this the right way. Open for suggestions. Thx.

Come on… What is this idea. How are you testing Energy Regen, not on a dummy?

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Just using the GT sheet numbers for now. Pool / (drain-regen) = duration.
And using 5K pool to be conservative.

Ignoring any absorption or leech for now. Not tested.


The idea is to benefit from lessened energy on the first node while compensating with %WD+35%RR and maxing the last 2 nodes for AoE /crit/and also damage - as the last node maxed has very decent damage with minimal energy cost.
…and imho keep energy costs within realistic energy drain capability of the Apostate.

–>Some quick numbers:

~2500% aether damage (25 multiplier)
last node @100% convert =254 flat vit->aether *25 ~6K

  • maxed first node: 210 + 230/s vit decay (vit has no RR so ignore decay) = 210 * 25 ~ 5.2K
    (energy drain 267/s *2 *0.9 = ~480/s)

  • first node current: 41 aether + minimal vit decay = 41 *25 ~1K
    24% avg wpn aether damage with soul harvest ~ 4.5K
    (energy drain ~250/s)

-If maxed + wpn damage = 5.2(first node) + 4.5(%wpn) + 6K (last node)=15.7 K
-Not maxed = 1 + 4.5 + 6 = 11.5K with extra RR multiplier of .35 = 11.5 *1.35 = 15.5K

It possibly will work out to similar damage numbers as using Arcanist and maxing the first node, instead of Inquis, with everything factored in. It could be better on high aether-resist enemies. However, juggling the equipment numbers requires some serious devotion compensation and this may result in relative damage losses.

And why Inquisitor? It’s a change in game play from the typical spellbinder 2-button defence.