Turbo-charge your auto-attacks with default attack replacers and WPS

I was worried that WPS will proc INSTEAD of DAR - And this guide helped me a lot!
Thank you!

I’m new to Grim Dawn, and this guide helped a lot!

I have some questions though:

  • I’m dual-wielding melee weapons.
  • I’m using Fire Strike as my DAR.
  • I have Amarasta’s Quick Cut, which is a WPS.

So, if I have less than 100% combined WPS skills, 20% of my Fire Strike attacks will trigger Quick Cut.
Quick Cut will deal 3 attacks, each dealing 90% weapon damage.

Question time…
Does the 90% weapon damage of these 3 attacks consider damage from Fire Strike (or other DAR), or does it use a normal auto-attack?
Also, since I’m dual-wielding melee weapons - does the 90% weapon damage consider damage from one weapon, or both?

Do the 3 strikes have a chance to proc other WPS?
Do the 3 strikes have a chance to proc “% chance on attack” from items?

For reference, Quick Cut lvl 8:
20% Chance to be Used
90% Weapon Damage
68 Piercing Damage
+30% Crit Damage

What a fantastic guide, is this still up to date as the current method of understanding these systems?