TwitchTV, GD forum, Firefox

Anyone tried to access Twitch from the forum using Firefox today? Streamers aren’t showing up properly on the forum’s main page and when I try and access them or Twitch directly it just goes round and round doing nothing. It’s all fine on Mircosoft Edge. No updates from Firefox as far as I know so don’t know why today should be different from yesterday.

Working as intended for me. Using FF.

Weird. Might do a restart of my PC and see if that clears it - or maybe clear the cache again. Have to finish of the rogue part of SoT first though.

Clear cookies and cache.

Nope, neither of those worked. Cookies and cache cleared and PC restarted. Will try a complete shutdown and restart.

Nope, that didn’t work either. Also did a full computer scan to make sure there were no viruses hiding somewhere. Weird.

Well, whatever it was has finally cleared itself. All working as intended as Zantai would say. Utterly and totally weird. :eek: