Two man team composition

Howdy all,

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a two man team composition. These characters will be played exclusively together and will be played legit, from level 1. We will use exp pots and warrants to boost exp/ rep, but otherwise it’s only what we find in game and what we already have from other characters farming.

I’m looking towards two melee characters because at most points late game, regardless of spec you end up face tanking mobs/ bosses/ nemesis. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding skills/ classes that really work well together at all levels regardless of gear.

Things like Soldier for the group wide buff and perhaps occultist for the Dreeg heal. I only have 2 characters myself so I’m not sure how many buffs like this are out there, and how many you can stack up with a 2 man party, so here I am.

The best Support/Dmg class is deciver. WoP for Defence and Blood for Offensive and heal + phyisical resistance. I don’t know ur team mate can stand IS, but still op if not. CoF for any debuff no matter what the other use. CoF has vit elem pyhisic, poison, bleed RR. The only exception is Pierc and Aether.

Further possesion give u Damage Absorvation. Also Deceiver with proper gear can be lethal. I did SR 75. (If u need deceiver build u can find on my profile.)

In this case in the first 40 lvl deceiver tag don’t have any dmg. It will be just buff and support. The other hand u need a good dmg dealer and aoe. As every arpg the best way to do this with range. Other hand Vindicator can be lethal with his elcetroduce DoT. Both of u just run kite u heal the other do the dmg and still has an 2 heal skill (WoR and Totem) and IS.

I’d say Belgothian infiltrator (for WoR and Conviction) with some kind of a warder (for Mog’s aura and Field Command).

Scratch that.

Venomblade dervish with any Occultist for BoD and extra rr from CoF. 1.5 man team composition. :cowboy_hat_face:

I had a laugh with a cold infiltrator and cold warlock team. The resist reduction is insane.
Not sure how survivability is on high SR levels, but i’ve seen some good infiltrator builds out there for that, and skyshard can be a kite build so shouldn’t be much trouble.

Lol. Cold infiltrator is a 2 man team in 1. :smiley: That build is so OP. What using a cold warlock?