UI/UX Adjustments

There are a few things that I’ve recently discovered that could be improved about the UI

  • In storage buildings, you should be able to remove the selection of a whole category with a single click. Eg if I don’t want to store my food on this location, I kind of don’t want to click 20 different checkboxes. A single checkbox next to the food category title would help a lot.

  • Trade post UI is half of screen for > 1080p resolutions

  • If I click on rebuild on a demolished building, it would be helpful to have the window stay opened, so I can click prioritize without having to click the building another time

  • The requiurements of some buildings when hovering over them in the build menu are half off screen, for me the worst example was the pharmacy

  • The resource bar is not showing Iron and Coal, which I find confusing. They’re essential resources.

  • It would be great if I could see how much of my resources was used and produced within the last month and/or year, so I could micromanage easier

  • When having the resource overlays shown (the F2 thingy), it can get in the way of placing down buildings. You cannot place a building if you click on the resource overlay.

  • It would be an awesome addition to have an option to swap the order of my fields, just a simple arrow up/down would be a lot better than having to redo two full configurations.


Great suggestions overall but in particular this one:

YES! Would love to have a button to “copy field setup” from another field, and then a button to “cycle rotation forward one year” so this field’s rotation can be staggered.

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