Ulzuin BWC Pyro caster itemization and devotion path

Pls, help me to improve my Pyro.
GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zDLbLZ


  • good physical resist
  • good health regen
  • 40% crit
  • almost 100% damage conversion (except physical)
  • almost any attack has a proc


  • mediocre DA and armor
  • no slow res, stun res is pretty low too
  • mediocre energy pool / regen (can’t spam stormfire)
  • requires MI to cap resistances

I’m still have some doubts.

  • Fissure looks much stronger that Elemental Seekers but Blind Sage gives +12% crits, it’s huge.
  • I have at least 15 free skill points. Is it worth to overcap Vindictive Flame for caster that kites 95% of the time? Or maybe overcap Hellfire mine for more damage…

I’ve also tried to utilize Infernal Knight set, but it gives no OA/DA bonuses, breaks Blazeseer set and looks pretty weak.

Much appreciated for any suggestions.

3 words: Infernal Knight Set

It’s actually pretty strong, though I agree with the OA/DA problem.

If you’re dead set on ulzuin set, try using cindercore + CB + 'nado instead of grim fate

EDIT: You also definitely want possession

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Yay! Tnx for the possession, definitely a nice point. BS + possesion, I’ve never tried both at the same time.