Ulzuin's Avatar Problems

Hello everyone! For the first time in three years i’am writing on forum. So beforehand i apologiaz from my english. Ok, so let’s start :).

In this thread I suggest how to make this set much playble.

In my opinion the main problem of this set its very low HP pool and absence flat sources of fire. So i suggest add to chest and shoulder flat HP - it will do builds with this set little bit less thin.

Add to head flat fire damage and give some modificator from Fire Strike - 50% or more fire or chaos damage converted to ligthning damage. This will make that set much more reliable builds based on lightning damage with Demolitionist.

And effectively kill builds made for fire that use this set. Lightning damage is the secondary and in some builds outright ignored in Ulzuin Fire builds.

I always found lightning in this set to be baffling because the Ulzuin constellation has no lightning damage. The only reason is probably because of Static Strike.