Un-nerf Blue Beronath amulet & Fettan Mask?

I understand that a craftable item whose BP you can buy from Vinelton & a guaranteed item available at mid-game onwards, both providing +1 to all skills might seem a bit overpowered compared to the rest.

However, vast majority of the builds use them as leveling items and not as BiS endgame gear. Given the aim of recent patch was to buff blue and green items to be better on par with legendaries, why the nerf on those 2?

Or was the leveling process deemed too fast/easy and the changes supposed to make it harder?

I don’t know how many might agree/disagree with me on this, but personally I thought they were fine before and if there is a chance of getting the changes reverted, I would like to try.

Poll time:

  • Revert the nerfs.
  • Don’t revert the nerfs.

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