Unable to connect to server

I am playing on v1.1.7.1 x64, with the Ashes of Malmoth Forgotten Gods expansions and am attempting to connect to multiplayer games. At first I attempted the connection when I was using a wireless router. The settings menu indicated I had a different IP than the one displayed on my router. I am now connected directly to my router and am attempting to connect. I’ve ensured UPnP is enabled on my router and in the game and have forwarded port 27016. I have also tried installing/reinstalling the game as well as running the repair tool. I have also attempted to try the x32 version. I have also ensured the client is running the same version and expansions as I am. I’ve tried running in windowed and borderless windowed mode as well as fullscreen. I even went so far as to upgrade my operating system from windows 8.1 to windows 10. During that update I updated all of my graphics drivers and wireless/ethernet drivers. Nothing seems to work!

I’ve checked the forums and attempted all of the fixes I have found and am at a loss. Please help!

Maybe your router doesn’t support UPnP.

Did you run through everything listed here?

I went through everything listed there. My router does support uPnP, I checked the manufacturer specs and confirmed by going into the settings and checking that it was on myself. I even factory reset the router and updated its firmware as well. I also enabled grim dawn and the GoG client to bypass firewall settings on both my computer and the router and tried turning off the firewall on both my computer and router.

Are you wanting to crossplay with people who have the game on Steam? Or is it another GOG player you’re trying to connect with?

I’ve actually had the same issue in this patch, but couldn’t get around to trying to figure it out as my PC is getting repaired.
I can’t connect to some people but I can to others. I’m also using GOG Galaxy (and I was able to connect to at least one Steam user), and I get the same message from “test network” in the game’s settings menu, even though UPnP is enabled/supported. I opened the port but it didn’t change anything.

I am trying to play with another GoG player. He has the same version and all of the same expansions I do and he can play with others online and can host for others online as well.

Hm, I wonder if it’s a problem with the new GOG Galaxy.

Is there a workaround to avoid using the GoG launcher?

Uninstall it. Then, if necessary, manually download the game again.

Ive tried that as well. I’ll refer you to my original post…

To not use Galaxy I just start the game with its .exe file. Galaxy doesn’t launch then.

So, no fix then? Bummer… thanks for nothing crate!

So you yourself point out that another GOG user is not having issue, so the most likely conclusion is something in your/your friend’s network settings.

While we are happy to help where we can, and have an extensive list of solutions to try right here on the forum for various problems, we cannot possibly troubleshoot everybody’s personal system configurations.

What fix are you hoping for from us?

so if i understand the guide on network issues correctly, as long as you just want to connect to a game hosted by another player there is no need for upnp and port forwarding on your pc/router. in case of gog you just have to make sure galaxy is running and connected to the gog servers. also try either starting the game through galaxy or from the desktop shortcut. in my experience, both can work.

i’d suggest the guy hosting the game you’re trying to connect should make sure that nothing on his end changed recently. he should check either his port forwarding (for both tcp/udp) or if he have upnp and firewall, AV and so on. maybe a recent patch/ firmware update wiped his settings.
good luck!

Just for some further information I am the other player PulseBlind is attempting to play with. I can connect to and host games no problem. We were able to connect and play one time before the patch from last week. Since then, everything still works fine for me, but PulseBlind cannot connect to any games or host a game. He has followed every step on your extensive list of solutions and has entirely wiped his PC and started from scratch with your recommended settings.

Pardon his frustration, but I know he has spent 40-50 hours researching and trying to fix this issue in the past week before he even attempted to reach out for help. Also, thus far the only customer service he can seem to get is “did you try the list of the solutions in the forum,” when he explains in his original post, that indeed he has tried every single solution in the extensive list.

Please let me know if there is any further information or data that I or PulseBlind can provide that will help find a resolution to this issue.

Frustration is understandable given the circumstances.

Regarding some of the above suggestions, GOG Galaxy I believe is required for MP play, so there is no working around it.

Crossplay between GOG and Steam requires that UPNP be enabled, which is most likely why GOG users can connect to some Steam-hosted games and not others.

Generally when there is a broad issue that need addressing, we would be seeing more reports, so I still believe that something must be amiss on PulseBlind’s end. As to what that is, that is difficult to surmise given that they seem to have reset everything. Could be a firewall, an antivirus program, sometimes Windows Microsoft account settings can get in the way.

A bit extreme, but using something like Hamachi to emulate a LAN connection could be an interesting experiment to see if that allow them to connect.

Yes, trying Hamachi is a good idea. I saw it working between GOG users, so it should do so between platforms too.
And GOG Galaxy is not necessary for LAN (including Hamachi) connections.

We are both using GOG Galaxy, so that isn’t an issue. We also tried Hamachi which did not work. This was before all the resets and reconfigs however, so maybe we’ll give that another shot. I’ll also see if we can get PulseBlind on a network outside of home to see if that changes things.

I do appreciate the follow up, thank you. I will reply back with anything we try and the results.