Unarmed damage and ADCtH; deal or no deal

Hey, I’m currently running, and have run in the past, a few unarmed builds who fight using just their fists.

A question I’ve always had that I never found a firm, clear and verified correct answer on is how ADCtH interacts with no weapons equipped- particularly, global ADCtH. Since you have no weapon equipped, do you technically even deal any “weapon damage”?

Very interesting point - let’s see what the Guru’s have to say :grinning:

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Yeah I’ve always wondered, but where my other monk brawlers have been SC characters I havent been too concerned.

With Boris being HC, I want to know for sure and build a lot of ADCtH into his specs so I’m hoping global will count the main hand damage dealt as “weapon damage” even if you don’t have a weapon equipped so I can get that global ADCtH. Otherwise I’ll be super limited in that area.

Devotion nodes, skills and non weapon items give flat dmg, so you use that. Also the character has it’s own base dmg I am assuming.

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Okay! So flat damage from items and devotion nodes can count as Weapon Damage where global ADCtH is concerned?

I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.