Undecided on rings for Stormreaver Vindicator

P A T I E N T L Y waiting for FG, I decided to dust off a few builds and ran into the good ol’ Stormreaver. And with it an old dilemma I’d been struggling with since forever: what rings? So I decided to ask the community.

The candidates are obvious: Coven Sky Seal (oa+da), Coven Storm Seal (da+as), Kephlat’Zoth (flat+%dmg), Time-Flux (%dmg+slow res). I just can’t pinpoint the best combination for top clear speed for a regular Savagery (not Primal Strike) Stormreaver Vindicator setup (full LD, Barbaros, Arcanoweave belt, Stormtitan boots, Direwolf medal, conduit, Ultos and Spear devos, I’ll post a gt later). I’m curious what opinions are there regarding these rings and what the general preferences are.

Thx for reading. All comments, questions, gt links welcome.

I’d either pick some MI’s or Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth. MI’s would give you some procs, which increase speed massively, but Kelphat gives flat damage and some skills. Also, Kelphat can be crafted for additional stats.

I’d personally pick Kelphat if I didn’t want to farm MI’s.

Time flux slow res is great. But if you don’t need that. Glyph+ sky seal sounds good too.

There will be some better choices especially for electrocute(selling point of reaver) when FG come no worries

It depends on your build’s stats. Judicators are a very good fit because Vindicator lacks OA and attack speed.

Yeah, I forgot to mention Judicator Seals. But they seem to be a better choice for the conjurer.

This is the setup I’m trying to improve on https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeqx66Z. I’m literally changing the rings every time I run it. Last time was Kephlat+Time-Flux. Before that double Sky Seals.

Da doesn’t really concern me all that much. With that health they can crit me all they want and I don’t mind dying once in a blue moon to bad luck, don’t need to be immortal. I don’t know how important oa is when taking a banner. And I don’t know if it’s a big difference between 50% and 80% slow res but Time-Flux also gives huge cast speed and casting totems, devils, corruption, seal, shard, box takes a while. Decisions, decisions…

Your OA seems fine to me. DA is manageable

I think since Conjurer has more OA than Vindicator Kelphat’Zoths would be a better fit for it, since it has attack speed on Solael’s Witchfire (plus Kelphat’Zoths boost Lightning Conjurer’s Exlusive). Looking at your Grimtools I still think Judicators would be a better fit for 100% success rate and better resists overcaps (your Aether overcap might be the reason for some of the deaths build might experience in Crucible).

But again, stuff like that has to be tested. I actually use Judicator Seals on my Savagery/Totem Conjurer.

Oh, by the way, did you try a bit of a different approach to your build: taking Thunderous Strike instead of Savagery? It has quite a bit of Electrocute.

Sure, I did Primal Strike, too. I don’t like charging Savagery when sth else is my main.

Justicars are definitely best for most rounded setups where you wanna keep oa/da at 3k and all and you don’t care about dmg once global % is above 2k. I tested some more and I think that for speed Glyphs or Glyph+Time-Flux gets best results.