Understanding Resistance Reduction

Hello all,

I’ve started a purifier and I’m working on a build that has some easy to farm MIs ( for a HC run). As I’ve been leveling I’ve found that I have multiple types of RR. I want to make sure I understand what stacks and what doesn’t.

I’ve started with black water cocktail > Agonizing flames + aura of censure + viper constellation.

If I understand correctly these all work together.

I’ve recently found obsidian bulwark. Which provides RR to rune of kalastor. If I’m understanding RR correctly BWC and obsidian bulwark do not work together. It’s either or whichever is highest?

Is this correct? If not please explain. How I can further increase fire/elemental RR.

-RR always stacks and you should try utilizing all possible sources - Censure, Termite mines and Solaels Witchfire devotion for fire RR.

Flat RR is also fairly important but only highest value source applies. Options are devotions - Elemental Storm, Revenant, Scales as well as Agonizing Flames and some skill modifiers on items.

%RR is the least important one but elemental builds (including fire btw) have easy access through Viper, so you should always take it. Again only source can be applied at same time, so no stacking.

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Thanks for the reply. I forgot I had thermite mines and Soleal witch fire as well. Anyway. Items and agonizing flame doesn’t stack so I need to pick one. Thanks!

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