Unique dialogues for classes

Do you plan to add unique dialogs for different classes in the future? I mean, it would be great for the shaman to tell Rhovary that you worship the same god as they do, or to tell Mogdrogden himself that it is a great honor to meet him personally and the same with the Ravager, because some shamans get their power from the Wendigo. I guess the occultists would have a lot of interesting things in Act 7. And I may be wrong, but it seems even necromancers do not have unique dialogues with the Order of Death’s Vigil, although a necromancer, due to his class, can only join them.

There are unique dialog options - e.g.: talk to Kymon’s emissary if you are a necromancer or speak to Garadia if you are an inquisitor. But do all shamans worship Ravager?

I like your idea, but I think this requires a different approach, where you have to make distinct choices to reflect your allegiance through actions and quest decisions. That would result if a lot of quest forks.

These exist in notable spots around the game including some of the ones you have mentioned :wink:. Of the ones I’m aware of off the top of my head Soldier, Shaman, Inquisitor, Necromancer and Oathkeeper get unique dialogue, I don’t believe any other mastery does. Oathkeeper + Occultist also gets unique tidbits as well specific to the mastery combo.

I believe Ravager does tell a Shaman “Hey, how do you like them Wendigo totems?”

As far as i’m aware, Inquisitor gets most of the unique dialogue. Death’'s Vigil emmisary will ask you to convince him to allow you to join because he has reservations teaming up with an Inquisitor. Garradia will basically mock you for being one. You can talk to Creed about magic runes. And basically the entire Conclave of the Three is on edge because of an Inquisitor being there, and i believe some npcs noticing that you’re an Inquisitor and each has a different reaction.

I believe Soldier, Demolitionist, Arcanist and Nightblade don’t get any unique dialogue.

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Soldier does with Garradia’s guardian from what I remember. Small detail that doesn’t amount to a lot but it’s there.

It always seemed to me that shamans have 3 gods and this is reflected in their abilities (like the occultists) -Mogdrogden (natural abilities, summoning beasts and passive abilities), Ultos (everything related to lightning) and Ravager (totems, including the lightning totem if take a conversion to replace lightning with health damage). While we don’t know Ultos’ relationship with the two, we do know that Mogdrogden and the Ravager hate each other.

Too bad we can’t tell Ravager to fuck off since we serve Mogdrogen. I have an Avenger Warder that has this thematic going on. I mean, Mog is a cool and chill guy, would definitely worship him if I was in GD universe =)

Hmm, I came to the Barrowholm as my shaman and one girl asked if I spoke to the spirits because I was a shaman and she felt hungry in me. But this seems to be the only unique interaction for the shaman in the village (

I believe Soldier gets at least one unique dialogue with a retired soldier NPC in the Malmouth Sewers.

Not really sure… it’s been quite a while since I played this game.

There is this one with Markon:

Thank you!

Okay, sorry, I was wrong. Even the Ravager calls me a shaman and offers his powers. Although it’s a shame that you can’t choose between him and Mordrogen

I wonder if our protagonist still asks Moira at Fort Ikon “what is a Spellbreaker” if he/she is one. Would be pretty hilarious.

Maybe you want to know, if the Black Legion’s Spellbreakers have an open position for you…

Hm, might wanna make a Breaker just to see that dialog =)