Unpathable Terrain

What does unpathable terrain actually mean? That is not a regular english expression.
Why do I get that when building next to a road after I did terrain flattening including the road?

What are you trying to place when it tells you that? Or what are you “trying” to do at the time?

Place any building or decoration

Maybe the road is not completely straight in the grid and it’s robbing you that area. Long roads that just move one block over from end to end can make you deleted the whole damn thing lol.

then again it didn’t say blocked by roadway

Doing a little “flatten terrain” usually solves this for me.

yeah try the flatten terrain a few more times.

It would say Obstructed by Road not unpathable terrain

More dodgy English. Maybe the dev’s could do some consultation because whoever writes these is not a native English speaker

Hm, I think they are since the company’s based in the US. And unpathable terrain covers a wider description than obstructed by road since there are other areas that are unpathable that have no roads at all like sheer mountain sides.

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American is American English, not english English. So no they are not native English speakers, they speak american
Unpathable is not in the English dictionary, it is an american word

Native English applies to American English as well. “Unpathable” is technically incorrect in both forms of English. It should be ‘impassable’ but it is also intended to contextually refer to the in-game pathing of AI units.

But as a “native English” speaker myself, I am fluent enough to understand the implications of un-path-able. Let it go.

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