Unpredictable force - N&O Octavius Battlemage

Got it. Maybe it would be better to reinvest points from Zolhan to something more useful like Mirror or sphere.

My bad! We have 7 more free skiil points for invetsment! :smiley:

My thoughts were exactly about the prospect of fun and more leisurely gameplay. But for sure, the build can be further optimized for higher challenges. Steps were made for better RR with arcanist, actually to OFF (was just checking mad_lee’s Olexra build). Would be nice to have Absolute Zero working too, as a mechanic. And yeah, the % RR would be quite crazy, as Saw pointed out, but hey, if it works for stuff like Devouring Swarm, why not? Maybe to reduce RR a bit and also the % cold dmg, but it would be a welcomed addition to be able to benefit from it.
As for the extra points, maybe Mirror (not sure how good sphere would work if you don’t take it to ultimate levels, but it would be a good defense layer, nonetheless). Maybe 12/12 fighting form?

Updated grim tools calc link. Thanks SaW and others for valuable feedbacks and comments! :slight_smile:

Hi Strannik. How about these adjustments? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2z4EDdZ

Tried to balance resists/OA~DA ratio/increase hp by switching some components/augments. The only thing that i would strongly recommend is to swap the weapon’s augments for Coven’s terror (or Ravager’s Eye/Malmouth’s Will) for the hp increase. Took a couple of points from scars of battle to place into military conditioning for hp/DA so stun and freeze resists are slightly undercapped… But i think they’re still at manageable levels, and also trap resist, with inspiration proc. That includes switching components in head and chest.
Tweaked the devotions a bit too. gave up on 2 points in sailor’s and switched toad for hawk. Lost some slow res/life leech for %OA/crit. Also gave up on hammer to get %DA from wolverine. Overall, slightly less flat dmg/life leech/slow res for gains in OA/DA/crit. Maybe too much OA
Hope you don’t find me presumptuous for altering the build. Would just like to help polishing it further. And spending time daily on the builds thread, with all the minmaxers here rubbed a bit one me:eek:

Hi Aldebaran!

I am glad you are interested in the build. I am fine with altering the build - need to take a closer look at proposed changes later today once return to home.

BTW, to my knowledge authors of the builds often post in the threads on forum alternative setups proposed by community with corresponding credits. :slight_smile:

Well, no need for credits. Not for some tweaking :smiley:


I think we have enough OA, so we can focus a little bit on defense aspects. Maybe something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23evbqZ

  1. Ravager’s Eye on Nex for DA and HP boost
  2. Full Sailor’s Guide for trsistences including +3% to physical
  3. Jackal for attack speed - permanent 171% vs. 165%. Or we can invest these 2 point in Hawk for crit damage bonus

Hi. Looks solid and really well balanced now. All resistances are covered and, as you said, no further need for OA and Elemental Balance provides enough % crit dmg. Don’t know if the 8% crit with hawk is worth losing the attack speed from jackal, maybe some testing is needed

Well, I missed the fact that Chariot requires 6 green affinities. Something should be sacrificed. Maybe change devotion setup to something like this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYJ9KW2 ?

Crit dmg from panther and those 2 points in obelisk should help. Loss of Chariot isn’t that bad, OA is good enough and the proc has a pretty long cooldown, so…

Yeah, I had similar arguments for proposed devotion setup. :smiley:

Added fun build cold DK with Cadence and BH, see here. The build is pretty nice and confident. :wink:

Hi Strannik. I really like the concept, was thinking about trying it some time ago, as i have the weapons. The only thing i would suggest is to tweak devotions a bit. With the flat RR you get from War Cry thanks to the weapon mod, you don’t need Rhowan’s Crown, as it gives less flat RR and the highest source takes precedence. That being said, It’s too bad there aren’t more sources of physical to cold conversion for this build, it would have been really useful. But i guess bone harvest hits like a truck. Went a bit over the build, rearranged devotions: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28v1r7Z

It includes Affliction that would give you % OA and crit, and also lots of vitality damage/decay, to convert to cold on Bone Harvest. Took out Wraith and Panther to include Viper for energy leech/%OA and some RR (i know it overlaps with Ultos proc, but it may affect other targets too) and Quill, for flat elemental and %DA. The 6 points left can be invested into Oklaine’s lantern (really good constellation, that works with the scepters) or with 1 point into their respective crossroad nodes, into Chariot or into Revenant. Still, the loss of Rhowan’s Crown affects ele resist a lot…

Also, why not go for Leviathan? It’s a good choice for cold melee builds, with a decent proc (on hit, so no need for stellar OA) and 2 flat cold damage nodes. Something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BwgQWV
The loss of Solemn Watcher is compensated by Wolverine for %DA, by leviathan for cold/pierce res and Owl also gives you some good stats. The 4 points left can be invested in Viper for more %OA and energy leech, Throne for resists or partially into Solemn Watcher, Oklaine’s for %crit or whatever else you think you may need.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in this way. RR sources granted from the weapons won’t stack, i.e. War Cry will get only 20 flat RR. That’s why I invest points into Crown.

Sigh, to not only my regret Amatok beats Leviathan in terms of nodes bonuses and damage from the proc.

Hey. Sorry, i forgot about RR not stacking on same weapons… Too bad it’s not comparable to Crown, as those would have been some points to invest elsewhere. Still Crown gives many others benefits too, including 18% ele resist. This choice of items is literally the best possible one too, but because of that it’s not easy to balance resistances. I tried to change boots/shoulders to hardcap BH, but it would have meant to break the balance of resists. Greaves of Ill Omens, Myth Dread Knight/Myth Wraith Knight shoulders would have been some nice alternatives if they would have provided the necessary resists (especially phys resist is hard to come by in this case).
Btw, is Iskandra Relic BiS? Was considering Ignaffar’s for the -10%RR, but in Grimtools it seems to provide less DPS. Of course, I ignored the voice in my head whispering “Necrosis” :rolleyes:

It’s Ok. We performed some tests to figure out how it really works. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is. But as you already mentioned current gear setup seems to be literally the best possible to support damage and resistences.

Well, it is up to you. On the one hand Ignaffar’s relic grants 10% RR, but on the other hand Iskandra Relic and it’s proc boost our damage (flat and %) and crit damage as well. So it can compensate or even overcome the loss of 10% RR. As for Necrosis relic - I am afraid we will loose in damage compared for example to Ignaffar’s relic. However I would recommend you to play around with gear setups and test it! :wink:

Hi Strannik. Thanks for clarifying those things to me. Jeez, my bad. Haven’t used this relic so far. I can see your point. Was kidding bout Necrosis, as long as that thing is not revamped nobody’s going to touch it. Will try the build this evening or tomorrow morning, as soon as I get home. I have both scepters and most other pieces of gear. Gonna turn physical DK into Cold one :smiley:

You are always welcome! :smiley:

It would be interesting. Could you please share test results with us?

Added dual wield cold Reper build. Hope you will find it interesting! :slight_smile:

P.S: To my knowledge John Smith crafted cold Reaper build based on full Deathmarked set. I hope he will share the build with us. :smiley:

Added links to video (first half) with gameplay for Cold DK and Cold Reaper builds. Special thanks to Archangel2245 for testing the builds on stream! :smiley: