Upcoming Changes to the Shattered Realm (v1.1.9.0)

there is no planned “end” to SR. Well one can say that SR50 is the planned end “lore wise” and I think most ppl can do that with just basic knowledge of the game and reasonable itemization and skills. But still, end game should be for those who really wanna learn about the game and get better. If anyone could do SR 50 with just playing blind, I would not play this game - it would be too easy for me.

Remember that the devs are ARPG nerds themselves and like the old ARPGs. Do you remember when you hit Hell difficulty in Diablo II? Took me a looong time to figure out how to beat the game at that difficulty. Was it worth it? Yeah it felt like an accomplishment, that I have done something others and myself have thought was impossible (but that some think it is rather trivial once you know basics of game mechanics). Progression in other words. Just like math, for those who wanna solve Einsteins equations for general relativity and just not read about it in popular science magazines - you have do the the hard work, fail number of times and then eventually succeed.

Can you give an example of this? Where a game change was forced upon just because a few min-maxers broke the game that destroyed the game for casual players?

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Far as I know (and I don’t play in SR so I could be wrong) you can get a blueprint for a Waystone at levels 5, 20, 35, 50 and 65 which you can then learn and make the stones at a blacksmith to use. They’re a way of saving you from having to run from 1 to 5 again to reach 5 for example; instead talking to Mazaan gives you the option to use a Waystone to start at whichever level a particular stone unlocks. I think you still need to make your way to a particular shard before you can access it, i.e you can’t use a Shattered Waystone when you reach 5, exit and then give Mazaan the stone to access 15 - you need to reach 15 first, but can then start a new SR session at that level once you’ve unlocked it.

If you continue to plow on from 75 into the higher Shards then I think loot does still drop. But if you use a Death’s Waystone to reach them then it’s no loot, just glory.

I hadn’t seen or read anything about the camera tricks, but this is a good change because screw any high level Shard with Benn’Jahr, double screw it if Grava’Thul is also there.

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Yay, I think it works anywhere, not only in SR.
Couple days ago I was able to nicely divide up the Bourbon Clones with it.

I don’t think it works in Crucibe. I was testing zoomed and rotated camera there once.

Hi, just popping in to say I got a SR boss room the other day with Morgoneth and Korvaak AND Grava, and if there’s a way to make that not happen I’d appreciate it :smiley:

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Greetings, Mr. Zantai.
I am revisiting Grim dawn after a six year break and I’m enjoying CE’s creation greatly. The game changed in many ways, the expansions are wonderful, lore wise and content wise.
I started from scratch. Ultimate difficulty, as expected, tested my build (melee 2h druid) and pointed out the weaker parts of it. Only when I climbed the 100 lvl summit and after ~70 hours of farming could I beat Ultimate difficulty in its entirety, crucible included. I enjoy crucible… And I absolutely like the Shattered realm - my goal was SR 65 - and I achieved it. I must say It could take another 50 hours of grinding to get to SR 65 if it was 1-2-1.
P.S. half my tries to pull with no abuse were successful.
P.P.S. this is addressed to whoever designed Grava’Tull - THIS IS A VALUE JUDGEMENT - regretfully I must say
I’ve been cursing you so many times, sorry about that… To this day I have an impression you might be delusional in your judgement on what is considered a satisfying challenge or what at least is a fun boss fighting experience - Grava’Tull is tedious and unfun. Unless you were trolling, ofc.

Mr. Zantai, I trust you are absolutely sure the upcoming 1-2-1 change will improve my experience.

I support your decision to patch the exploit.

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Reaper of the Lost and the Iron Maiden is not fun as a pair, either. One stuns you no matter how much stun reduction you have and the other has like a 300% run speed and runs circles around you… Took me like 6 deaths and retries to kill them, after I managed to die in a way as to lure the Reaper away. This of course, only after killing the Map Guardian and Jannaxia.

My current “fun” teamup is Gargabol, Benn’Jahr and good ol’ Fabius “The Unseen” Gonzar, all bunched up, running after me. I really am asking , how do you survive getting trapped by Bann’Jahr’s prison then get Fabius to hit you with everything he has for like, 3 seconds? I mean unless you are some Markovian shield Soldier hybrid armored to the teeth…

Kaizan can ruin any party as well if he shows up alongside a fast Nemesis like Fabius or Iron Maiden - it’s pretty hard to stop and have my pets target one of them because they are upon me in a fraction of a second.

Oddly, have not seen Morgoneth yet in the boss room. I guess I am lucky. Does he still have the katyusa magic missile barrage attack that fires from the crystal during the normal bossfight, and his Magi wraith buddies? I find that Gargabol is far less dangerous without the instadeath flamethrowers that are in the walls of his arena.

Thanks - I got up to 76 so far and the Celestial Waystone opens rifts to levels 70 and 75 now for me as well.
I just wonder if it depends how many levels/shards you accomplish before you claim your reward in how much loot you get? IE if I go to level 70 and go up to 80, do I get more loot than if I warped to 75 and went up to 80 from there?

Absolutely had to chime in here.

Often times, if I even look at the builds posted here I am stunned how they can forgo so much of the cc res or have it at such low values. I mean petrify is so uncommon but if you get gang rushed by a bunch or korvan statues and don’t move fast enough they will wreck you even in the rogue dungeon so I can’t imagine it in high SR.

Even with superb piloting, you can get rng’d super fast, not to mention mutators.

My only guess is that the one or 2 videos don’t typically show the multiple deaths that might have occurred in between or with horrible mutators that were skipped or something. Or they are relying on really high dps to gib everything before this occurs. Also going 10 times without death is a really small sample size.

I have no proof of such but after so many hours in 75+ sc SR, I can’t see it happening where you just steam roll everything with those cc stats lacking regardless of piloting. Or maybe it’s actively avoiding bad mutators?

I have had obscene defensive characters with above acceptable minimum dps get instant gib’d so fast that I couldn’t even pot.

The last time I was in high SR (above 76) it was double fab with MQ and res shred basilisk with extra oa for mobs and crit dmg. I never died so fast and the whole room came at one time.

Yea I deleted the game because that, pointless to play for nothing and SR 80 is easy to reach


Is there a timeframe when to expect the Update 1.1.9? Whilst the christmas days I played some hours again and would be happy to see the update in the near future.

Playing Grim Dawn is still a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I hope it’ll be here end of this week or at tops next week.

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Are you just hoping or hoping based on some info :face_with_monocle:?

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looks like somewhere on february or late january

Hoping on this date because we already passed two misadventure after new update announcement so I hope they can’t just give info about the in three Grim Misadventure thread in a row. They should start announcing info about more future ideas/projects/updates so to determine that they should be finished/almost finished the expected update. But it all can be my imagination :rofl: Also I know some people are already in Beta testing so… :stuck_out_tongue:
Or; (stricktly dangerous!!!)

The Patch will be the last major update of GD so they want/try to add/balance/shape everything they want to fix that’s why it takes too long and the next Grim Misadventure will be a goodbye post and we’ll gonna cry etc. I certainly don’t want to think about this so I decide to be positive person once in my life in this rare occasion.

But that info wouldn’t be in a GM anyway. That would a separate announcement. GM’s are about GD only.

What I meant with future projects, ideas etc was projects about Grim Dawn, like making a new DLC Dark Souls Trialish mode etc, endless combat with 1v1’s with each level, higher scaling, mutators changes in every level etc :smiley: Sorry if I used the wrong words to explain it. I meant new changes/additions etc.

Okay okay I blurred it and put a notice :rofl: But you all know right? It’s; next one will be and that usually happens when big update like FG so you guys should prepare yourselves. I should do aswell…

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What bit of no more DLC’s didn’t you get? Crate have made it clear there’ll be no more.

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if you wanna play more GD but not GD, there are tons of mods to try, like the Diablo 2 mod that looks VERY promising :slight_smile:

And that’s exactly what I meant. If there won’t be new DLC and if patch jump like requires such big updates, then there might not be a new development update after… I know I’m not native and I sometimes use wrong words or typo errors but that one should have been clear. Since I already talked about what if will the last update speculation by joking about it in the post above and @tqFan made another joke about my comment. So me saying ‘‘you guys should be ready’’ in next post; can’t be seen as ‘‘I’m expecting a new dlc yaaay’’, obviously it was ‘‘There might not be more updates :sob:’’ kinda joking.