Updrading re-make Grim Dawn to Grim Dawn HD graphic

Hello developers!
Such a proposal, is it possible that a special re-design will appear, so that a quality game appears, so that the game is displayed in good form.

We want the game to improve on a new engine.

This will allow improved images, twice as high quality.

Some games go into an improved schedule.

  • Vote for upgrade re-make Grim Dawn from to Grim Dawn HD.
  • Dont know
  • Zantai will never not very acquiesce such an incredibly non starter

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Please add “No” as an option.


Not possible. Poll’s existed for too long. Can only be done in the first 5 minutes of it’s creation - thank you Discourse. :put_litter_in_its_place:

What the heck does the third option even mean?

A classic and strategic NO! :upside_down_face:

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I just vote like this: NO

if there’s “No” option in the poll, i’ll say it here: NO.

I find this suggestion as viable as the elusive reddit bleed sorcerer.

That’s a dirty trick.

I chose “dont know” because I… didnt know… what that third option even meant.

Please change my answer to NO, officially, here in the thread. No. No no no and how dare you sir.

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Let’s pretend this third option is a “No”.
Leopold, you polyglot! I’ve learnt a new word thanks to you.

ac•qui•esce ăk″wē-ĕs′
To consent or comply passively or without protest: synonym : assent .

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I don’t think there’s any pretend about it. :smile:

The dont have No, but this is random for Yes!

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Lol. I have to admire, the sneak skill level on point with that third option, and for that I forgive you @Leopold

It was Z who added the third option btw

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I should have recognized Zantai speaking the language of the gods.


I didnt know you could tell who added options to polls. How does one view this?

If that’s the case, then thank you @Zantai

This is how you view this: you join Discord and read it thoroughly.

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Because unless a poll is changed within 5 minutes of it’s creation he’s the only one who can do it past that time limit. :smile: Moderators don’t have that power.

Plus he mentioned he’d changed it on the GD Discord.

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