Upgrading towers and Barracks

Is anyone else being charged a training fee after upgrading these buildings and having those in the building having to rearm and resupply and charge a training fee? If they are already trained and armed, why are they charging you again, plus going after more arms and armor? That’s expensive when you had a barracks full of 12 troops and now you paid the upgrade fee AND the fee to train 10/12 of them. If it’s because different villagers are coming to do the job, why? I already had some trained and armed.

Why would they go become laborers and vice versa when all I did was upgrade the building? Does this also happen when you upgrade a barn or anything else? I haven’t noticed it. Haven’t noticed it with hunters swapping out because their building was upgraded, or the blacksmith, or the foundry. So what gives?? Lost a few hundred on the upgrade and a few hundred more on the training. Is that a bug?

I don’t bother upgrading towers, it’s easier and cheaper to build better, multiple walls and gates around them (but not too close, people get stuck between walls when leaving the towers.) As for garrisoned soldiers, they don’t leave to go searching for food or clothing so a “maintenance” fee is charged.

It specifically said “Soldier training” and charged me over 200g for it. Now, I don’t mind that, I had 7k at the time and another 9k in the trading post, but if I wasn’t prepared that could have screwed me for a long while.

The troops upon upgrade had their hp drop and all needed weapons and armor and ran about time collecting what I had made. So either the troops that were trained before swapped jobs, or they were retrained on the upgrade which is just weird because that doesn’t happen with anything else.

Report as a bug. I don’t believe that’s intentional play.