Using Asset manager versus Notepad++

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trying to dabble in some of the modding tools here, is it frowned upon to edit dbr files in notepad++ instead of the asset manager? I’m trying to add a few additional buttons in the skills master table, and i see them in the file, but the new dbr’s i created and added to the master table aren’t showing up when i look at it in asset manager. i’m not sure how to add new rows in the asset manager, but in N++ its much easier.


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I assume you mean Notepad++ vs DBR Editor… unless you made some kind of mistake it should not matter how you edit the files, I use Notepad++ for that as well

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Ok, cool, i’ll keep plugging away at it then. i’m trying to add additional skill buttons in the skills_mastertable but they’re not taking in the editor it seems. (i.e. - the ability to select up to four classes instead of just the usual two+devotion tab.

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I don’t think that is possible… initially I thought you were talking about skills in a mastery.

At a minimum, the tag has to exist in the template, that might be why DBR Editor does not show it (and is one of the things I meant by ‘some kind of mistake’ - amongst others)

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In almost all cases, editing the templates is a fruitless endeavor, don’t waste your time trying to implement your own functionality. There are very few times where it will actually work, in the few cases where we have had success it is because the feature is already there elsewhere, perhaps in a different template. The expanded skill tree for instance is just the devotion skill tree. The updated stash that I made months ago after the stash update, the functionality was already there we just didn’t have the “official” template.

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I didn’t mean change the template, I meant make sure the template supports what you are doing (ie has tags for it) - in case this was not clear

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My message wasn’t directed to you

OP Is wasting his time if he’s trying to get 4 skill tabs via editing the templates. The engine will not accept a template change like that.