Using Cadence be a good choice for default attack of DW Blademaster?

Hi guys,

So is Cadence a good choice as the default attack? Given the high attack speed from DW the dmg ouput is likely to be high.

No, the third hit of cadence does’t (reliably) proc Nightblade DW techniques. Use Shard of Beronath (or Mistborn talisman if you don’t have the shard, but just join a high level mp game with the right components and ask someone to make it for you).

Depends on how you build it.

Yes as GeneralCash said if you’re using the DW line and the WPS skills then it’s pointless, but on the otherhand if you use PB and BoB transmuter and ignore the DW line and then stack attack speed and any other passives to increase damage (FS for a quick example) you can have a good fun time :stuck_out_tongue:


Cadence is horrible for DW builds because the 3rd hit doesn’t works with WPS skills.

Either do as GeneralCash said, or roll a Trickster/Saboteur and get Savagery/Fire Strike.

I tested Cadense with Marcovian advantage and Zollan’s technique and animation of both happened on 3d hit. Not sure about damage thou. So is it surely confirmed that cadence doesn’t work with WPS? Cause it looks like it does.

Edit: nvm, found the discussion and the answer.

No it’s not confirmed at all. There’s various posts all saying the same sort of thing, as in no-one really knows and until Crate happen to mention what actually happens… it will probably remain a mystery for a while.