V.0.8.3p5 - Has my gold been assimilated by the Borg?

Built a vault. Deselected gold ingots from being stored in the warehouse(s). Transferred gold from the town storage to the Trading Post. Transferred the gold from the Trading Post back to town storage. Cannot find the transferred gold anywhere.
Did the trading post workers bury it in the ground? Where does it go? How do I protect my gold if I can’t find where it is being stored now?
3 upgraded warehouses - no gold at all now.
1 Vault - Currently only 274 gold in vault.


I noticed this too during my playtest game. I had several thousand gold but could not see where it was being stored. Wasn’t in the vault, trading post, or any warehouses.

Same exact thing happened to me. I noticed if you do it while on pause it seems to get lost going back to the vault, but if you do it while it is playing on 1x-3x it almost transfers instantaneously. That was my observation anyway.

Known trading post bug. Gold put into it doesn’t come out again, though it’s still available for your villagers to use. Other items put into/out of the trading post can also do the same “disappearing” trick.

Can it also be stolen by raiders? Seems to have happened at least once where they broke in and beat up the vault collecting over 500 gold ingots and there was maybe 200ish in there at the time.

Yes, raiders can break into your trading post and take gold from there iirc.

I was saying, the trading post had zero gold, the vault showed only about 200’ish and yet the raiders were able to steal around 500 gold ingots as indicated by the raid report after. My settlement had over 10k in gold stores, none of which are in a location that can be seen except on the “settlement items” page. Not in a warehouse, storehouse, wagon, vault etc. I think my villagers store it in jars planted in holes all over my settlement like little squirrels.
My point was, if they can beat on the side of the vault and get gold that isn’t displayed there to drop out onto the ground like a stone pinada, whether it shows that it is holding 10k or 200 gold is irrelavent and one should concentrate their defenses to protect it even if it doesn’t appear to be holding anything of value. It would seem that raiders know more than I’m being told even of my own settlement.

I have the same problem. We should be able to see the correct amount of gold stored in the vault. It was find before the update to 0.9.

Per the explanation from the devs, if you have gold in the trading post and send it to town storage, it doesn’t actually leave the trading post. The gold is still in the trading post, it’s just marked as being in town storage and thus accessible to be used by the town. So no gold that you earn in the trading post is ever moving to any other storage, even if you transfer it out of the trading post. Thus, raiders can indeed take gold from your trading post even if the trading post indicates there is no gold stored there.

As I understand things, they will be introducing storage transfer in a later release. Then items transferred out of the trading post should be actually stored elsewhere when made available to the town.

I think the whole idea of the Trading Post being a type of Void Storage needs to be addressed. Storehouses full? No problem just transfer to the Trading Post when you’ll never run out of space (at least I haven’t). When you need to use it just transfer it back out again.