V0.7.5 Building UI jumps from center to right side

Many times I click on a building, the UI pops up in the center of the screen or slightly off center, but then will jump to the far right side of the screen. Usually this happens right as I’m about to click something on the UI and then it ends up clicking the ground and deselecting the building.

v0.7.5 playing on 1920x1080 if that matters.

Can confirm this behaviour.

I am having the same experience.

me too !Hope to fix it soon

Jumps to the right, and along the same lines, behind the Construction UI, which, if I am on Resource buildings, expands to the point I can’t simply click the X, I have to collapse Resource first.

@ Zantai

Haha, I can assure you I’ve seen it. No pings necessary.

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