V0.8.0 Mining areas depleting even though no mines on them

Didn’t see this yesterday when I started a new town in playtesting, but today it seems like some mine locations that don’t have mines actually on them are being depleted. Red are where I have mines being worked, green is where they’re being depleted but have no works on them. Ones in blue aren’t being affected. :woman_shrugging:

Edit: Exited the game, verified the files, exited Steam and then restarted Steam and went back into the game - no change.

Mines work with a radius, they don’t have to be right on top. When you are in mine placing mode you get an overlay of colored circles. So long as the yellow work ring around the mine touches the colored circle at all then it will mine from that node.

Yes, but those aren’t overlapping. They’re separate circles.

Bring up the iron mine placement map and post a screen shot of that so we can see what’s happening.

Can’t show the iron one since that’s now emptied and deleted, but here’s the coal one.

If any overlap I’d expect it to be the coal mine on the righthand side, but that’s not affected; on the one on the left is.

Ok, yeah the coal mine works to explain what I mean. In the screenshot you can see that just barely the yellow mine circle is overlapping the black coal zone.
Edit 1: If you click the mine it will show the coal in range to be at 7252 (when the screenshot was taken).
Edit 2: The mine on the right will be effected once the number of the other two is equal to it. They mine from the highest number in range first.

Well, I’ve never noticed mines doing that before even if they do overlap. Guess it helps on this map since there are so many deposits on it, but I really wish it would just show what that one mine is taking out. :frowning_face:

It’s a well placed mine! Hitting three nodes is good. It will empty them all before the mine reports being exhausted.

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