V0.9.1p7 - Lookout Tower Weapon bug?

All of my guards have a sword, hide coat and crossbow but I get an intermittent issue that says they need weapons (sword icon). It disappears and then after half a year or less, says they need weapons again even though they have had no action and not left the tower

There is a degradation period on everything, including swords and crossbows. Your soldiers all restock their armaments throughout the year too.

I think that logic would dictate that weapons like swords, bows, crossbows, hauberks, plate armor, only wear out when they have been used X times and not over time… Unlike shoes which for example are used every day and which have a specific lifespan once they are produced. I don’t see how a sword could wear out on its own…


Yeah, weapons last a very long time when not being used (like multiple human lifetimes). It would make much more sense if during combat there was a (very) small chance it could break. So if the crossbow breaks they have to resort to using their sword, which means closing to melee and greater risk, and vice versa, when the sword/polearm breaks they have to retreat and fire off opportunistic shots as they try to keep their distance, which reduces effectiveness.

If weapons are going to just “wear out” over time, they should last a very long time. Six to eight years at minimum.