[v1.0.6.1]Test Build-Frost Warrior-physical/cold

hello again guys,
i want to test that build of frostwarrior, this build is based on cold dammage plus physical dammage i made a litle one on grimtom but idk if i made that right skil with the right gear plus right devotion and idk if it work im gonna wait old build maker to give me there advice hope it gonna work(sorry for my english :D) anyay here is the build:


Some suggestions I can make:

Skill points


[ul][li]Max Shadow Dance for the DA/Dodge/Deflect.[/li]
[li]Cap Veil of Shadow at 10/10 (or go higher if you have the points available) for the -OA.[/li]
[li]Consider 1 pointing Amarasta’s Blade Burst and maxing Lethal Assault for the OA and flat Cold damage it provides.[/li]
[li]Only 1 point Phantasmal Armour/Anatomy of Murder, there are better places to spend your points and 1 point in both with + skills supporting is cheaper while giving a few nice bonuses.[/li]
[li]1 point Blade Barrier. The 3 seconds of invincibility is a life saver.[/li]
[li]Merciless Repertoire is doing next to nothing for you here. Either 1 point it or don’t invest in it at all.[/li]
[li]If you have points spare, consider investing 1 point Ring of Steel/Frost and invest into Circle of Slaughter for the Fumble.[/ul][/li]


[ul][li]Shield Training does nothing for you as you are not using a Shield.[/li]
[li]If you want to use Cadence, you need more points in it. Your DPS will be really low if you don’t heavily invest into your main attacking skill. Same applies to Deadly Momentum as it provides free damage. Fighting Form isn’t as important if you can get AoE from elsewhere (like celestial powers).[/li]
[li]Only 1 point Fighting Spirit, Menhir’s Will, Veterancy and Blitz. Your points are better spent elsewhere.[/li]
[li]Cap Military Conditioning at 10/10, I believe it starts to scale poorly afterwards.[/li]
[li]Cap Oleron’s Rage at 12/12, the % OA/movement speed starts to scale poorly afterwards.[/li]
[li]Max Field Command for more OA/DA/Armour.[/li]
[li]Invest into Scars of Battle for the free resists.[/li]
[li]If you have points spare, consider investing into War Cry for the reduced target’s damage debuff.[/li]
[li]You could almost move points out of Markovian’s Advantage/Zolhan’s Technique down to 1 point each if required.[/ul][/li]

the skill shield training i forgot it xD but thx i will refix the skill point latter im waiting for gear+devotion advice

Your devotions look mostly ok, you might want to try and fit Ghoul in for a bit of ADCtH/life steal.

You want to pick up Elemental Storm for a source of flat resist reduction.

You’ll want more OA so I suggest trying to fit Chariot of the Dead in.

If you want to stick with a 2-handed weapon, kraken is a must.

Gearing needs a complete rework on the other hand. Your build lacks focus, you want to do Cold Cadence but don’t have a single piece that provides skill bonuses to it. You might be better then swapping to Shadow Strike as there is boatloads of gear to support it in comparison.

idk what gear should i use for cold cadence :confused: im confused i need litle help here