V1.1.4.0 Preview

Respected Zantai, I beg you, finally make 1 bottomless chest for all the characters on one account,
and search in it. Thank you in advance.

Search funtion will be there in as far as I know. But no ‘bottomless chest’ :smiley: Zantai still doesn’t like the idea of infintie storage space in GD. Maybe sometime he changes his mind and we don’t have to use 3rd party tools

and/or making 15 mule characters xD

15 mules vs 1 utility tool :thinking:

I have lost items in Item Assistant and GD stash just makes me wanna cheat craft items.
I play without mods these days you know

this exists for convenience. Zantai won’t make the search tool able to search through ALL mules and neither Toast or I have to use a specified database bot on a discord server to keep track of things either. ugh

I use that one, one can neither loose items or “cheat” with it

reason why i tell people on discord that use these tools to make backups before doing anything with the tools :slight_smile:

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I don’t particularly like your quote, because it makes it sound as if he lost items with GD Stash when he did not say that :wink:

The OP wrote “I have lost items in Item Assistant - and GD stash just makes me wanna cheat craft items.” I added the ‘-’ for clarity…

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GOOD JOB GD, I love it.

I think I did not activate my first free DLC key to unlock my game( I think I received one but did not use it, Instead I just bought them all except the pack II), do I get another free key to unlock the new one (loyalist pack II )?

I may be wrong, remind me plz

No, is the short answer.

Thanks for all your work!

Mm. That’s a shame you did that. You should have asked first. The “free DLC” would have been for the AoM expansion and maybe a key that would also unlock the first “Loyalist” items. You can go here:

and input in your email address you would have been using at the time of said purchase to find out if you have a free key or keys to use. If anything you can at least get those keys and give them away to friends or family perhaps.

Nope. No such thing in effect for Loyalist Pack 2. The only way that would be possible would be if Crate felt like giving you a free key for it.

Note: I would also like to point out that you can, in fact, edit your posts versus creating 3 separate posts one after the other. Like so:

can we get the patch notes yet?


12th July stream:

"berax22 : when can we see the patch notes

When the patch comes out because the community has shown that showing you patch notes in advance is not good for your health.

RektbyProtoss : just give us the patch notes with a disclaimer "read at own health risk

Yeah, cause that’s worked before.

rebel7254 : does waiting until patch is out to release the notes really reduce complaining?

Yes,it actually does."

quote not quite working within the preview, but for those who need a refresher.