V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

This might be totally wrong, since I’m not a very good player, and probably have very unoptimized builds, but it seems that the energy cost of even some mastery skills is too high to make sense for the skill. E g. I have a 2h ranged Fire Strike Commando who struggles with energy a lot. Dw pierce Cadence Blademaster only slightly less. Granted, none of those are actually finished or have BiS gear, but it just seems that a disproportionate amount of attention I have to spend on gearing goes to solving energy issues.

Do you have phantasmal armor?

Sure. Not maxed, though, 'coz Cadence and Deadly Momentum eat up a lot of points. I guess that could get better if I get the full Belgo set eventually.

But my Fire Strike Commando struggles a lot. Using FS and casting Flashbang, Thermite Mines and Canister Bomb for debuffs drains my energy bar quickly. I had to go Arcane Spark+2 Soul Shards route.

I can’t remember, but what was changed that gutted them so badly?

I really like Executioner’s judgment change, but RR proc doesn’t make any sense. Flat 15 per second is useless. Considering lack of +class, even cold Cadence BM take Night’s embrace. Also BM can take with ease Revenant or Elemental storm, so flat RR is redundant.

Please make the proc to have -8% cold RR or so. It will be more useful for BM.

Suggestions to make Drain Essence “on a budget” more attractive compared to similar item-tier AAR builds

  • change conversion on Hex Launcher to 100% to make it comparable to the other faction legendaries for AAR: Hexflame and Aetherbolt pendant.
  • change skill modifier on faction legendary amulet Reavers Hunger to give it 100% conversion from aether to vitality on DE instead of its modifiers to Bone Harvest (which already do a ton of damage)

For more info: What is the point of Drain Essence when we have AAR?

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At one point they went down to 4% Attack Speed and 32 OA.

In the transition to functioning as Daggers, they’ve since been brought up to 16% AS, but the OA of the base item remains 32 and the Mythical only 60. It’s also been refurbished to support skills that do not mesh together in the slightest.

I was taking a look at the stronghold set for some idea’s and noticed that only the shield has +1 all skills, the weapon, belt and set bonusses dont come with any + skills, is there any chance they could get some bonusses added to them?

Another small note on Allagast (with apologies, I forgot about it earlier): would it be reasonable to add some casting speed, given that Lightning Tether scales with it?

If they added skill bonuses to specifc skills in that set, then Stronghold wouldn’t be a generic set really. The same applies to Cataclysm.

I do wonder what would be the effect of both those sets getting +1 to all skills in the final set bonus.

Considering that a lot of items got +1 or even +2 added to them, it seems fair for those sets to receive a slight bonus somewhere aswell, I’m all for generalist sets but there’s a lot of items that outclass the set bonus because of skill bonusses.

Another +1 all skills in full set would be interesting for cataclysm and stronghold

Yeah, specially because both take spots that are reserved for +1 to all skills in a mastery (Stronghold for gun and belt, and Cataclysm for amulet and belt).

It certainly would make people consider between +2 to all skills with both sets, or other items in the same slots as those sets that have mods for your main skills.

Don’t know if it is in the subject, please can you think about 94 mythical legs and boots with fire And chaos ? Yet I’m using 84 or 94 tanky.

In an ideal way, can you set legs and boots +1 demonist/oathkeeper // or demonist/oathkeeper skills ?

It would help lot of builds (and my pyromancer will so happy to not wear soldier pants with witch boots^^

Thanks to consider it !

Pants and boots have never ever granted +1 to mastery skills. So very unlikely for that to happen. They also just added bonuses to mastery skills to a lot of MI belts in last patch. Adding that stat to even more slots would make balance a mess.


I know I’ve posted this in another thread, but I wanted to collect it here in hotfix suggestions: The buffs to Hellscourge change nothing. Adding a bit more resistance reduction to Sigil of Consumption is not going to make a Deceiver consider breaking the Black Flame set, and still doesn’t stack with Blackwater Cocktail for a Pyromancer. First, if you want to support Inquisitor, I don’t think Flames of Ignaffar is the way to go. They have a caster offhand they want to use already. How about something cool, like 100% physical damage converted to chaos to Rune of Kalastor. That would be a cool unique mod that yields a fire/chaos spell. We need a new Sigil mod for Pyromancers too, like… +1 meter radius to Sigil of Consumption.

Right now, the item is just totally outclassed. It needs something to make it unique and desirable.

Hellscourge is meant to be a fire sigil item I guess. But I agree, the buff is too weak.

Since the Arcanist became more powerful and on AAR began to play more people

Offer add to Mythical Codex of Lies

+ 147% Elemental Damage
and on proc add
-15% Elemental Resistance

Because this is the only one Legendary Off-Hand in the game with +X to AAR skill

May be i missed smth? why this cold-oriented belt have acid to PIERCE (???) conversion? May be you mixed up this belt with this belt???. Fix this conversion to cold , or remove , Because that conversion is confusion.


The conversion was put on that belt to prevent acid builds from using it.