V1.1.9.2 Changelog history | September 10

I’m farming floor 200-210 and didn’t encounter any crashes.

Edit: I agree that 185 is too easy.


After the 185th floor, each floor has to be played for several hours. Maybe my computer is not very good. The game will crash in at most 20 to 30 hours, and it is very important to record points.

You did 185, that’s hard to believe, considering you can’t beat my Conjurer with faction gear :smiling_imp:


Stay on topic please.

INB4 Lokarr is actually an alt account of Zantai’s. Or medierra.

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July 22

Monster Infrequents

Malkadarr’s Dreadblade: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Execution to 70%

Rift Scourge Slicer: added 45% of Cold dealt as Acid and increased Acid damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 260

Spectral Longsword: replaced Cooldown Reduction modifier% Pierce damage with 50% of Pierce dealt as Cold. Replaced modifiers for Shadow Strike with 160260 Cold damage and 100% of Physical dealt as Cold modifiers.

Epic Items

Mythical Dreadchill Grasp: reduced % Attack and % Cast SpeedsSpeed to 10%12% and Cold damage to 11

Mythical Vilescorn Bracers: reduced % Attack and % Cast Speeds to 10%12%

Legendary Non-Set Items

Gildor’s Pulverizer:increased Pierce damage to added +2 to Blade Spirit and added modifiers for Blade Spirit

Mythical Beacon of the Winter’s Veil: increased Cold damage modifier for Veil of Shadow to 110

Mythical Combustion Band: increased % Attack Speed to 8% and added % Physical damage

Mythical Death Omen: increased Vitality damage to 28 and increased Vitality damage modifier for Execution to 200

Mythical Fiendgaze Tome: increased % Offensive AbilityFiendmaster Raiment: reduced Chaos damage for pets to 11%5-16

Mythical Nightshade’s Reach: increased Acid damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 440 and added 100% of Pierce dealt as Acid modifier for it

Mythical Scion of Noxious Wounds: replaced bonus to Necrotic Edge with +1 to Necromancer Skills. Increased Acid damage modifier for Necrotic Edge to 110200 and its Poison damage modifier to 200 / 3s and added 100% of Vitality dealt as Acid modifier for it. Increased Acid damage modifier for Execution to 160 and its Poison damage modifier to 160 / 3s

Mythical Shadowflame Mantle: increased % Activation Chance on the granted skill to 20%

Mythical Tome of Names: addedreplaced bonus to Death Sentence with +1 to Inquisitor Skills. Added 60 Elemental damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile and added modifiers for Flames of Ignaffar.

Mythical Voidwhisper Band: reduced Chaos damage for pets on the skill proc

Legendary Set Items

Belgothian’s Mask: increased Physical damage to 16-28 and increased Pierce damage modifier for Execution to 100

Mythical Ortus: increased Fire damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 240

Dunefiend’s Blade: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 50%
Dunefiend’s Slicer: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 50%

The Mageslayer Set: increased Frostburn modifier for Veil of Shadow to 300 / 2s

[Class & Skills]

Execution: reduced base % Weapon damage by 30%, to 200%

Raise Skeletons: reduced % Pet Attack damage on skeleton Fireball Nova and Death Bolt


those conversions are nuts. and im starting wondering whats the point of wendigo’s barb conversion on SB if one can just get the global one through much more obtainable slicer.

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This should be reverted or scaling should allow to reach previous numbers at high ranks. Execution is not the way to nerf Nightblade, it’s not the mastery’s strongest point.


All Execution mods got buffed, I agree it’s a weird and unnecessary nerf, It should be a nerf for one-pointers by increase the scaling after 8/8. Maybe Z can buff belgothian shears to solve this, I don’t know how fast it’s animation after changes since I’m not in playtesting but it’s still one of the worst wps skills and it’s AoE doesn’t contribute much.

Chaos execution did not get buff… :frowning_face:

It feels like we’re breaking some centuries-old taboos by allowing Shadow Strike to reach 100% conversion for all 4 damage types (including Vitality Decay)

I mean I know it’s possible already, but when I tried theorycrafting it it seemed quite ugly or something. Now it’s super-easy to achieve.

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Chaos Sabo/WH is quite strong on offensive side, the problem is their defense and health(which got %10 buff for Sabos)

This is huge

It’s a weird item that have no use except leveling, I don’t know if it’ll overperfom Deathguard SS but maybe devs buff Deathguard set instead of nerfing the change :nerd_face:

The way I read the change, it’s added as global conversion (which would affect Nightfall then) and cold to acid was pretty rare, I’m looking at other ways than SS to use it

Not at all. My witch hunter dual wielding those daggers got me the best ss char so far. Buffing that even more baffles me. But then again: Ah, there’s no build on this page for it, so let’s blindfoldedly buff it even more.

Heart of Theodin Marcell: reduced % Weapon damage and Aether damage on the granted skill

Since now execution is getting nerfed I wonder if this is still going to be needed or why it was implemented in the first place. the best I can find is CR5:30:


excuse me my bad this wasn’t using execution, but still not sure what build caused this anyway Ranged Callidor’s Tempest demonstration:


“Ranged” CT looks really fun, there’s nothing in this game that plays like that

is that Pyran set new skill (without CD)? looking good :slight_smile: time to go back to my old Pyran Sorc with health regen focus