[V1.1.9.2] Changelog's mistakes / missing changes


The following change

Wendigo Barb: replaced Health and bonus to Nidalla’s Hidden Hand with % Acid damage and +3 to Spectral Binding. Added modifiers for Spectral Binding.

is missing the fact that

Pierce to Acid conversion to Blood of Dreeg

was changed to

Vitality to Acid conversion to Blood of Dreeg

I think it should be mentioned as it’s a big change.


Something is missing here, Vire’s Might or Grenado I suppose.

No Grenado mod

-Area (please tell its a mistake)


Zantai, latest changelog has both Mythical Dawnshard Hauberk: increased Lightning damage to 5-30 and Mythical Dawnshard Hauberk: increased Health to 1280 listed.


Is the health a change or an addition?

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Hey :zantai:, you’ve made the following change:

Leafmane Horn: added modifiers for Dreeg’s Evil Eye

Leafmane Horn: added 140 Poison damage / 3s modifiermodifiers for Dreeg’s Evil Eye

but there’s only one for DEE on this item (the same as in the previous build - Poison to DEE) so either

  • one of the the modifiers is not showing up

  • this was meant to be just a change in wording but it’s “modifiers” instead of “a modifier” by mistake

Mythical Quickdraw Gloves: reduced Pierce damage to 7-11 and increased bonus to Ranged Expertis to +3" Expertise - not Expertis.

Is it ok? Lightning instead of Aether perhaps?:

There don’t’ seem to be new modifiers in-game (but I have new Warborn so I updated properly):

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Is Warborn alright? Shouldn’t it have some Necro skill mods?
Screenshots: New skill modifiers - let's add screenshots - #54 by tqFan

Missing in test changelog
Avenger’s Crusher
+140 Degree Attack Arc to Smite

Confirming this:

Also no mention in the changelog about added FoI mod.

“Mythical Ixillor’s Rageflame: replaced bonus to Inferno with +4 to Mirror of Ereoctes and reduced Cooldown on the skill proc. Increased % damage modifiers for Mirror of Ereoctes to 450%.”

Shepherd of Lost Souls Set: reduced Vitality damage bonus for pets to 40

changed to

Shepherd of Lost Souls Set: reduced Vitality damage bonus for pets to 40


FoI mod does not seem to have been added.

The new build isn’t out yet so no, you won’t see it.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look forward to your updates. :wink: