[v1.2.0.0 playtest] monsters stuck outside playable area

It’s been a long standing tradition for me to make this thread for almost every game version :sweat_smile:

Here’s a Bloodsworn Adulant stuck under a tower near the Asterkarn Road rift.

This is actually the 2nd time during my current playthrough that I see a monster stuck down there. The first time the monster died from a DoT and I wasn’t quick enough to screenshot it.

Bonus bug:

an unreachable component that dropped while clearing the Shrine of Mogdrogen

I have experienced this as well, mostly in similar situations like Asterkarn and Fort Ikon walls, but also a couple times with Korvan areas and rock walls. Didn’t grab screenshots like you did though.

Yeah it’s not a too uncommon thing, but if you make a screenshot and post it on the forums, it will usually be taken care of. I’ve reported dozens of these places in the past and most if not all of them have been fixed in the next patch.

A Korvan Scorpius stuck inside a rock at the Eye of Ulzuin

several Eldritch Spirits trapped behind some rubble in the Forlorn Bastion

a Kymon’s Zealot stuck inside a rock south of the entrance to the Tomb of Archon Barthollem